E32: MG High-Voltage Battery Bank on a Cutting-Edge 32ft Composite Electric Motor Boat

Reviving the E32: A refit of the high-voltage battery bank on a cutting-edge 32ft composite motor yacht.
E32 Electric Yacht

In the ever-evolving world of yachting, staying at the forefront of technology and sustainability is leading. The E32, a 32ft composite Electric Motor Boat, originally crafted by JR Yachts in the Netherlands, is a testament to this commitment. A state-of-the-art motor yacht, the E32 recently underwent a comprehensive refit, and a central focus of this overhaul was its high-voltage lithium-ion battery bank. This modernization brings together an impressive array of components, turning the E32 into an eco-conscious marvel of engineering.

The Heart of the E32: The Yasa 750R Axial Flux Electric Motor

At the core of this electric revamp lies the powerful Yasa 750R Axial Flux electric motor. Capable of producing an impressive 200kW at its peak and maintaining a constant 70kW of nominal power, it’s no exaggeration to say that this motor propels the E32 to new heights. Engineered with efficiency and performance in mind, it sets the stage for a quiet, vibration-free, and eco-friendly journey on the water.

The oil-cooled system keeps the motor running at its optimum temperature, ensuring reliable performance, even in the face of demanding conditions. 

Jasa 750R Axial Flux Electric Motor

A Glimpse into the Power Source: MG Lithium-Ion Battery Bank

The heart of the E32’s electric propulsion system is its MG lithium-ion battery bank. Comprising a high-voltage system, the battery bank consists of a Master HV controller and 14 pieces LFP 230 lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) connected in series, with a total capacity of 81.2 kWh. This high voltage battery bank operates on a 358 Vdc nominal voltage and provides direct power to the Yasa Electric Motor without any conversion losses. 

What sets the E32 apart is not just the size of its high-voltage battery bank but the superior quality of its components. The lithium-ion batteries are the sustainable energy source of consistent and reliable power, giving you the peace of mind needed for your journey on the water.


Charging the Future: The Brusa 22kW Charger

Charging the MG battery bank is a breeze with the Brusa 22kW charger, which is compatible with CCS type 2 charger mode 2 NLG664. This high-speed charger ensures that the E32 is ready for your next voyage in no time. Just like the yacht’s electric motor and battery system, the Brusa charger is a model of efficiency and convenience, supporting a seamless transition to electric boating.

The Brains Behind the Brawn: Sevcon Gen4 Size8 Motor Controller

The E32’s electric motor is only as good as the controller managing it, and in this case, it’s the Sevcon Gen4 Size 8. This motor controller is a master at ensuring the precise distribution of power to the Yasa electric motor. It makes the yacht’s acceleration and deceleration smooth and responsive, providing an unmatched level of control over your boating experience.

With its liquid-cooled system, the Sevcon motor controller guarantees stability and longevity, making it an essential part of the E32’s electrifying journey.

The experience of the E32 Electric Motor Boat on the Frisan Lakes

The E32 electric motor boat is an innovative and eco-friendly boat designed specifically for electric propulsion. With a hull optimized for electric power, this vessel offers a sustainable and efficient way to enjoy the serene beauty of the Frisian Lakes. Some key features and specifications of this electric motor yacht:


Hull Design:

The E32 boasts a specially designed hull that is perfectly suited for electric propulsion. This design not only ensures excellent performance but also maximizes energy efficiency.


The boat has a relatively lightweight structure, with a total weight of only 1500 kilograms. This reduced weight contributes to its overall efficiency and ease of handling.

Cruising Speed:

The E32 has a comfortable cruising speed of around 7 knots. This speed is ideal for leisurely exploration of the Frisian Lakes while minimizing energy consumption.

Power Source:

The boat is equipped with a Yasa electric motor, which, combined with the impressive 81.2 kWh MG battery bank, ensures a reliable and consistent power source for propulsion.


Thanks to the large battery capacity, this motor yacht offers an impressive range of up to 3-4 days on a single charge at cruising speed. This allows for extended trips on the beautiful Frisian Lakes without worrying about recharging.

High Speed:

When you need to kick things up a notch, the E32 Motoryacht can reach a top speed of approximately 16 knots. To achieve this, the boat requires a relatively modest power output of around 75 kW, which is efficiently delivered by the electric motor.

The E32 electric motor boat represents a modern and sustainable approach to boating, combining stylish design with environmentally friendly electric propulsion. It offers a range of speeds to suit various preferences and allows you to enjoy the tranquility of the Frisian Lakes without the noise and pollution associated with traditional combustion engines. This motor yacht is a testament to the evolving world of electric boating and the preservation of pristine natural environments like the Frisian Lakes.


Online MG Energy Portal

Use the online MG Energy Portal platform for monitoring and managing the high-voltage battery bank and the hotel load. The MG Energy Portal provides the option for Individual Cell Monitoring: This is a crucial feature, especially in high-voltage battery systems. Monitoring individual cells within the battery bank allows you to assess the health and performance of each cell. This can help in early detection of issues like cell degradation or imbalance, which can impact the overall performance and longevity of the battery system.

Overall, the MG Energy Portal provides a comprehensive platform for monitoring and managing energy-related systems. Such tools are invaluable in ensuring the efficient operation of energy systems, optimizing energy usage, and identifying and addressing any issues promptly.

Energy Portal

both monitoring of the 24V and 375V battery bank

The Future of Eco-Friendly Yachting

The E32’s refit of its electric installation with an MG battery bank is not just an upgrade; it’s a transformation. This composite motor yacht, initially designed with innovation in mind, has taken a giant leap forward in sustainability. If we look to the future of yachting, the E32 represents a shining example of what can be achieved when state-of-the-art technology meets a commitment to environmental responsibility.

This refit is a testament to the dedication of JR Yachts to crafting yachts that redefine industry standards. The E32’s eco-conscious focus, along with its formidable electric components, paves the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future for marine transportation. 

As the E32 electric motor boat embarks on a new era, it showcases how the yachting industry can lead the charge towards a more sustainable and responsible future. It is an exciting step forward that leaves all of us eagerly anticipating the impact it will make on the world of luxury boating.

Installed components:

  • 14x LFP230 HV
  • 1x Master HV 300A
  • 1x Master LV 24V-600A
  • 1x LFP230 
  • 2x MG Energy Monitor
  • 1x MG SmartLink MX
  • 2x Victron DC/DC converter 24V/24V
  • 1x Victron DC/DC converter 24V/12V
  • Brusa 22kW charger CCS type 2 charger mode 2 NLG664, liquid cooled
  • Bellpower converter DC/AC 7kW 400Vdc-230Vac liquid cooled
  • Sevcon gen4 size8 motor controller, liquid cooled
  • Yasa 750R Axial Flux 200kW (peak) , 70kW nominal, oil-cooled
  • Jet thruster JT50 24V-500A
  • Bender Insulation Monitor
  • Exor eXware 705 2x CAN to Ethernet
  • DC bus 375Vdc
  • Garmin MFD integration
  • Original Capi2 / Garmin digital switching
  • YachtControl