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MG Battery systems comply with several standards

All batteries comply with the ES-Trin regulations IEC-EN62619 and 62620, which are required for inland vessels. These standards cover safety and performance tests on both cell and module level, including the battery management system.

Besides ES-Trin, the RS Series comply with both DNV-GL and Lloyds. This type approval consists of several mechanical, thermal and electrical tests and also requires a quality system, audits and functional safety on product level. This makes it the perfect choice for type approval projects.

Lloyds register registred

ES-Trin IEC-EN62619 & 62620

Es-Trin IEC-EN

MG Maritime Batteries

The roots of MG Energy Systems lay in the marine business. Thanks to this emphasis, the MG products are the perfect fit for many purposes in this market. MG offers comprehensive solutions for the marine industry. MG lithium-ion battery systems are used for propulsion, hotel load, UPS, and emergency backup systems in a wide range of projects. MG is a known brand in commercial marine vessels, water taxis, recreational boats and large private yachts.
The solutions are designed to cater various marine setups. With a focus on electric and hybrid propulsion, critical ship UPS and house power requirements, MG Energy Systems ensures reliable and efficient performance in demanding marine environments.

Electric Propulsion

Electric propulsion is the future and is a whole new level when it comes to boating. Enjoy the surroundings even more when sailing smoothly and quietly over the waters. Besides, electric boats have lower maintenance and operational costs, which saves money in the end. The MG lithium-ion batteries are compact, lightweight and can provide the energy to power your electric boat.

MG lithium-ion batteries are not only for newly built ships, but are also an excellent choice for refit projects. Thanks to the compact dimensions and system modularity they can easily be placed in existing spaces. Nowadays local governments are implementing stricter emissions regulations for marine vessels. Battery-powered vessels are well-positioned to meet these regulations and avoid being ruled out for specific areas with restrictions. The LFP battery range is based on the safest LiFePO4 technology and complies to the ES-Trin regulation, which is required for commercial inland vessels within the European Union.

Peak Shaving​

With peak shaving, a battery system supplements the generator's power during peak periods. This technique reduces the load on the generator, prevents overloading, and increases energy efficiency. By extending the lifespan of the generator and reducing maintenance costs, this system provides cost savings. Additionally, it improves marine safety by ensuring reliable power supply (UPS function) for critical systems. Incorporating peak shaving with a diesel generator can enhance energy management and optimize generator performance.

Bow Thrusters

For easy maneuvering, bow and stern thrusters have become an important device when moving at low speed. They provide the ability to safely rotate the vessel, and therefore make docking easier. Using a generator for these short moments is highly inefficient and polluting. Therefore, this is often done electrically. However, the reliability and effectiveness of your thruster system is dependent on the battery system. It is important to have a reliable battery system which can handle the peak discharge of the bow thrusters. From small vessels up to large passenger ferries, MG offers battery solutions which are a perfect fit for this application.

Dynamic Position

Dynamic Positioning (DP) is a marine technology used to maintain vessel position and heading, using a combination of propulsion systems, thrusters, and sensors. Lithium-ion marine batteries are increasingly used in DP systems, offering advantages such as reduced emissions, improved safety, and increased efficiency. By using batteries to power the DP system, the vessel can silently operate in zero-emissions mode, reducing its environmental impact.

Hybrid Systems

When desiring the benefits of both emission-free propulsion and fossil fuel if needed, it is also possible to combine an internal combustion engine (ICE) or generator and turn it into a hybrid propulsion system. This is what makes hybrid marine battery solutions so popular. For hybrid systems there are two different options: “parallel and serial”. Parallel hybrid systems have two engines: an electric and an internal combustion engine. Serial hybrid systems only have an electric motor which is powered by the batteries, and in most cases equipped with a backup AC or DC generator.

Hotel Load​

One of the most common marine applications is the on board service battery. This marine battery provides the energy for all the domestic comforts like lights, pumps, watermakers, kitchen appliances, entertainment, and very often air conditioners. These days more equipment is installed in boats and that all requires a certain amount of on-board energy. Meeting this increasing energy demand is hard to solve with traditional systems. Therefore MG offers a range of high-end marine battery solutions to fulfill these demands. With the MG lithium-ion batteries you will have more energy with less weight and space.

Silent Time

Doesn’t it bother you when you are asleep in your boat or yacht, and you can still hear the roaring of the generator. Or when you want to take a swim and there is oil and exhaust gasses of the generator, polluting the water and air? Then you need to know that there is a good solution for this. Adding an energy storage system (ESS - large intelligent battery bank) will allow you to stop the generator for long periods of time reducing the running hours and service intervals. This is called “silent time”. During this silent time the energy storage system provides the energy to all equipment instead of the generator. The longer a silent time is required, the larger the storage system. Therefore, lithium-ion batteries are the perfect fit, thanks to the high energy density. Requiring less space, weighing less and capable of storing large amounts of energy.

Both in the commercial shipping and in the yachting industry, the demand for silent time systems is rapidly growing. As regulations in ports to reduce noise and smell from running generator sets are tightening for example. Achieve optimum efficiency by equipping the MG lithium-ion battery bank with one or more high-power alternators. In addition to fuel benefits, this also provides more comfort and lower maintenance costs.