City Tugs Launch: Pioneering the Future of Urban Waterway Transport

Discover urban waterway innovation: City Tugs, equipped with 240 kWh MG batteries, redefine sustainable inner-city transportation.

After more than one and a half year of meticulous engineering and construction, the highly anticipated moment had arrived – the unveiling of “CITY TUG 1” and “CITY TUG 2.”

Crafted with a specific focus on inner-city transportation, these tugs boast impressive features:

  • 240 kWh battery capacity for 100% electric operation.
  • Remarkable 150-ton pushing capacity.
  • Compact dimensions measuring 6.00 by 4.00 meters.
  • Certified by SI (Standards Institution).
  • Exceptional maneuverability, thanks to a double thruster drive system.

These City Tugs are poised to become the first vessels capable of navigating entirely within Amsterdam’s narrow passage profiles. All while operating emission-free. This is partly thanks to specially designed hopper barges measuring a combined 19.9 meters in length and 4.25 meters in width, with a substantial 65-ton loading capacity.

This groundbreaking concept was brought to life through the collaboration of Talsma Shipyards and Fred van Dorresteijn, guided by the vision of City Barging. Now, you can witness these remarkable vessels gracing the picturesque Amsterdam canals!

MG Energy Systems Batteries

The heart of these remarkable vessels lies in their 240 kWh batteries, delivered by MG Energy Systems. These es-trin certified batteries ensure sustainable and efficient urban waterway transportation. MG Energy Systems takes great pride in being an integral part of this monumental project, contributing their expertise to create a greener and more sustainable future for inner-city transportation.

Project supplied by: Neho Speciaal Techniek

Installation and system integration of the battery bank and drive-train: E-Ship