‘De Vooruitgang’: An Energy Neutral Conference Ship

An energy neutral ship for business meetings, presentations and coaching/training programs. All energy is supplied by an MG battery system!
energy neutral ship

De Vooruitgang (The Progression in English) is an energy neutral ship for business meetings, presentations and coaching/training programs. On board, you will find a spacious room; equipped with an interactive screen, a coffee machine, good Wi-Fi and comfortable chairs. All energy is supplied by an MG battery system! In this blogpost you will read more about the eco-friendly company VOF De Vooruitgang in Akkrum (NL) and about the MG battery system in their boat.

Green business technology

Jorrit and Susan Jouwsma are the proud boat-owners of De Vooruitgang. Their main goal was to develop a sustainable and energy-neutral ship that can be used for training and business meetings. In order to have the least impact on the environment, all materials are well-considered and preferably coming from local companies. This resulted in a low carbon refurbishment. Moreover, their business continues to be carbon neutral because of the investment in batteries, electric propulsion and a heat recovery system.

Energy-neutral business

De Vooruitgang is Green Key awarded for their green business policy. The solar panels (with an additional cooling system) and the MG battery storage system supply the energy on the entire ship. The batteries are charged with solar energy, or shore power when necessary. Furthermore, the heat from the solar cooling system is used for heating the floor in the meeting room. This heat recovery technology makes their business almost completely energy-neutral.

Technical installation

De Vooruitgang is equipped with a 24 Vdc system which consists of 24 HE 200-batteries, resulting in a total capacity of 100 kWh. It includes a battery management system for safety and controlling, and 3 Quattro 15kVA inverters. The system is split in three sections. First, the battery bank provides 400 Vac power to the 55 kW electric drive for propulsion, the heat pump and steam oven. Second, the batteries provide 230 Vac power for the refrigerator and audio/video equipment. Last, they provide 24 Vdc power for lights and navigation.

Welcome aboard!

You can book De Vooruitgang for a business meeting on board. Maybe a meeting about which green business project or eco-friendly technology you can implement in your business? Let’s motivate each other and work together, for a more sustainable future.