Interview in Silent Yachts Edition 7

During the summer, MG Energy Systems, who have been supplying the required lithium batteries to all Silent yachts for several years now, visited Silent Yachts in Mallorca. MG Energy Systems is now featuring in Silent Yachts Magazine Edition 7.
MG-on Silent Yacht

During the cruise, we sat down with their founders, Mark Scholten and Gerard van der Schaar, for a chat regarding the origins of their company and the future of battery technology.

MG-on Silent Yacht-relax

How would you and your team describe the experience cruising on board our Silent 64?

It was a fantastic experience. We visited Silent Yachts with the entire MG team, consisting of almost 40 members. After being warmly welcomed by your team, we boarded the Silent 64. First, we enjoyed a tour through the cabins and were impressed by the luxurious design. When leaving the harbor, we were amazed by the silence of the electric motors. Our team caught a glimpse of our batteries and shared their enthusiasm with Oscar, the Silent electrical engineer. All in all, we really enjoyed the sailing and the hospitality of your crew.

What is the foundational story behind the start and philosophy of MG Energy Systems?

Mark and myself, Gerard, were study mates when competing in a solar boat race. In the process of creating the best solar boat, we discovered the absence of a good Battery Management System (BMS). Our passion combined with a bit of competitiveness resulted in building our own BMS. Fast forward to 2009, the company MG Energy Systems was founded, where innovative ideas are translated into commercial high-end products. And so the story goes: ’From boat to business’, MG is driven by a passion for technology. As a result of this passion and competitiveness, MG is constantly improving and innovating to contribute to sustainable technology.

Which factors do you think were key to
the successful development and growth
of the organization?

One key factor is our focus on Research and Development. The company’s slogan “Innovation in energy storage”, is a result of that. Our passion is to create new products and improve existing ones through innovation. We have a ’step by step’ mentality and have fun in the development process. Furthermore, we are committed to delivering high-quality products and services. We would also like to mention that the energy transition is a factor to our growth. Storage technologies and zero-emission solutions are playing a dominant role in the energy transition –
and this role will only grow.

Can you share with us the most recent
developments regarding the safety of the
Lithium batteries?

The safety of lithium battery systems is the most important factor to us. Therefore, we implement the latest developments. We have developed a high-quality Battery Management System (BMS). This device monitors and controls the connected batteries to guarantee a safe and reliable system. In addition, our RS series features liquid thermal management and a Propagation  Protection System, both of which improve battery safety. The MG Energy Monitor, Portal and an app for your smartphone are at your disposal to monitor the safety and performance of your system at a glance.


Considering how fast lithium technology is
developing, what is your prognosis for the
next five years regarding charge capacity
and battery sizing?

There is no doubt that lithium technology is rapidly changing and aiming for higher energy density. This means more energy storage capacity in the same battery size or weight. MG follows these developments closely, which is reflected for example in our LFP series. The LFP used to be 180 Ah, which has been increased to 280 Ah and since 2022 this has been increased to 304 Ah, thanks to developments of the LiFePO4 chemistry. Size reduction and faster charging are also results of developments in lithium-ion battery technology.

What are other big opportunities when it comes to the overall development of battery technology in the medium and long-term future?

Considering how fast lithium technology is developing, what is your prognosis for the next five years regarding charge capacity
and battery sizing? With the ongoing development of lithium-ion batteries, more and more opportunities will arise in the future. The increasing demand for electrification, comfort and zero emissions will further accelerate all these developments. In
the boating industry, improvements in safety and capacity can result in more advanced systems which weigh less and require less space. Besides, in other markets, batteries will change the way things are done. In short, the battery technology will continue to improve over the coming years, which will positively impact different markets.