MG Support


Consult the Manual

New to your MG product? All information regarding the MG products can be found in the product manuals.


support Installation Videos

Watch the Installation Videos

Already read the product manual?

Watch the installation videos on the MG Download Center or MG YouTube channel. Each video explains step by step how to install your MG product.



MG Support Center

Documentation related to MG equipment like system example, tutorials, integration steps, best practices, guide lines and FAQs.


support check software

Check Your Software Version

Always make sure the software of your MG product is up-to-date. Easily update your device with the MG Diagnostic Tool. Find the software tool on the MG Download Center.


support service point

Contact MG Service Point

Professionals are trained worldwide to give you the best support, whenever needed. These professionals have high knowledge of lithium-ion batteries. In addition, they have expertise in all the equipment around the batteries like inverters, chargers, alternators, energy management systems (EMS) and data monitoring.

Assistance Form

In case the previous steps did not bring the desired outcome or if your question is not answered, please fill in the Assistance Form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Training Suited to You

Follow MG training sessions to learn all about the MG products and how to install them. Please fill in the form above and select ‘Training request’, to request your training session.