The MG Story of Jens Jensen – Lithium Ion Battery Safety

Jens Jensen started his search for a safe lithium-ion battery system replacement and found MG Energy Systems.
jens-jensen-lithium ion battery safety

Jens Jensen is the proud owner of Air Alsie, a Danish charter airline company based in Sønderborg Denmark. The company was founded in 1988, and has become one ofthe biggest private airlines in Northern Europe and is among the five biggest in the whole of Europe. Air Alsie provides charter flights all over the world, having visited 93% ofthe countries on the planet already. Over the years the company’s fleet has grown to a total of 30 aircrafts.

Jens Jensen, who is also an airline pilot himself, is also into boating. In fact, during the interview with Jensen, he is on his boat sailing from Denmark to the Mediterranean, athree week journey overseas.

After having owned a total of 6 boats, Jensen now owns a Nordhavn N76. ‘The Mermaid Six’ as it’s called, is a 79 feet vessel designed for long journeys over the oceans. Even though the boat is propelled by a diesel engine, “the boat has so much electronics it could be a hybrid”. When the AGM batteries in his boat started to fail last year, Jensen started his search for the perfect lithium-ion battery system replacement and found MG.

“What I like about your company is that you feel like a partof the family right away.”


The requirements for a new system were quite simple. The system had to fit in with the existing equipment and in the physical lay-out, so no big changes would have to be made. Besides the practical wishes, quality and lifepo4 safety were very important factors:
“One of the top priorities was to find a supplier who has the latest and highest safety monitoring on their batteries”

Why MG Energy Systems?

In the search for the perfect battery system, Jensen asked around in his circle of friends: “I had some friends who had started using cheap batteries from the far East. But I was not really convinced that these would suit my sense of quality and fulfill my needs, especially in terms of safety”.

The head of electrical engineering of his Nordhavn boat in the United States told Jens “that he had some good experiences with MG, not only with the products but also with the services and commitment of all the people who were involved”.

After having been in contact with another Nordhavn owner with a MG system on board, “it was a fairly quick decision to go with MG”

Jensen still doesn’t fully trust Lithium-ion though, “but the way that MG controls the individual cells, shuts down individual cells and controls the temperatures, voltages and amperages, was exactly what I was looking for”.

The MG Experience

“What I like about your company is that you feel like a part of the family right away. It may have been a hard way of getting there, but now I am more than satisfied”. During the design phase of the process the biggest challenge was finding out how to connect the two alternators to the WakeSpeed controller. But when all information became available, “MG quickly came up with a solution, which now works extremely well.

I would recommend to everybody to go ahead and buy MG batteries, because of the way it works and it’s just plug-and-play. I have a very comprehensive maretron controllance and surveillance system for all systems in the boat. And it was just plugging that in, and it communicates with all the MG gear as well. So I have full access to all the data with the maretron gear as well. I am more than satisfied and everything works a lot better than before”

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