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High-end battery systems for marine, industrial and automotive applications. Built to be the best.
We bring innovation in energy storage.

MG Energy Systems / innovation in energy storage

High-end battery systems

MG specializes in high-end battery system solutions, featuring innovative technologies for optimal performance, ideal for full-electric and hybrid marine propulsion systems, off-grid and mobile industrial or automotive applications.

Racing & development

It’s our passion to push boundaries, break records and keep searching for new solutions. That’s why we built the world’s best performing solar boat and explore the frontiers of innovation in electrical energy. It’s key to a sustainable future.


Hybrid propulsion
Full-electric propulsion



Energy storage / Key features


High safety: thermal runaway supression capability.


High energy density: more energy in less weight.


Modular design: scalable up to 1000 VDC and capacities of Megawatt- hours.


Long Lifespan: due to liquid thermal management.


C-rate: high charge and discharge capability.

The world’s best performing solar boat
is powered by MG.

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Our customers / about our work

These guys are really, really good. They excel in all areas; technology, presentation and commitment.
Especially their passion to keep on developing is quite impressive to me.

Bram van Hees
Bram van HeesBranch ManagerCLAFIS Ingenieus

Clever construction
from Leeuwarden.

Wubbo Ockels
Wubbo OckelsAstronaut / Professor sustainable development TU Delft

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