Forbes Magazine – The Belnem House Resort Project

The American Business Magazine Forbes publishes an article about the Belnem House Resort project on Bonaire.
Forbes Magazine - Belnem House Resort Project - By Christopher Elliott

The American business magazine Forbes published an article about the Belnem Project in Bonaire this week. This Resort on the Caribbean Island of Bonaire is almost completely off-grid. Manager Paul Coolen and general manager Britt Thomassen explain why this off-gird system plays an important role for the resort.

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The island of Bonaire is fighting to keep its once-vibrant reefs alive. The island is heavily relying on the tourism, for which the reef plays a major role. In the efforts of saving the reef, the inhabitants of the Island need to matters into their own hands. The Belnem House Resort sets the tone by relying on the solar power combined with an MG battery pack. This results in the resort being 99% Off-Grid. 

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Forbes Magazine - Belnem House Resort Project
Britt Thomassen of Belnem House Bonaire - Christopher Elliott