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Off-grid / solar comeback

Global access to electricity has remained remarkably static over the last few decades. Both in the developed and developing world, independence of the grid appeals to a growing number of people. In remote locations, extension of the grid or the use of diesel generators used to be the only solutions for electrification, but nowadays installing an off-grid PV (photovoltaic) system can be more cost-effective.

As prices have come down and policies are put in place, off-grid solar is advancing rapidly and has barely scratched the surface of its global potential.

Better battery storage

As solar power is not always available, in order to fill the gaps, either a backup infrastructure of fossil/nuclear fuel power plants is required – or an off-grid storage solution. Previously, the significant extra cost of lead-acid batteries used to discourage many users.

Modern lithium-ion batteries are of superior quality, offering longer lifetimes, higher efficiency and comparatively more sustainability. Moreover, they can even make off-grid solar PV less carbon-intensive than conventional grid electricity.

Built to be the best

Off-grid PV systems remain a small if significant market in certain areas of the developed world, however the greatest market for off-grid PV is in rural areas in the developing world, often with good to excellent solar potential.

MG’s high end lithium-ion battery modules are far superior to conventional batteries, due to longer lifespan, high energy density, high performance, and high (dis)charging capacities. We use them to build the world’s best performing solar boat, support the growth of sustainable storage solutions and increase energy access to all.

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