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Power on demand

Uninterrupted power on demand is fundamental to yacht and ship operations. These days modern marine applications require more power than ever for applications ranging from navigation systems to air-conditioning. Reliability is key, especially in harsh and remote environments.

Electrification will help the marine industry transition to a more efficient operation, offering significant value, both financially and environmentally.

Need for green

Power and speed are not the only requirements in marine development. Increasing awareness of the need for sustainable shipping calls for eco-friendly technologies, emissions reduction, reduced fuel consumption and greater safety in order to conserve our environment.

Yet, the biggest challenge is finding a way to implement these cleaner technologies without losing your competitive position.

Built to be the best

From expertise gained by developing the world’s best performing solar boat, we created a line of commercial high end lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric propulsion systems.

Whether you own a small boat or a super yacht, take your vessel’s on board power supply to the next level with our advanced solutions for high performance, high efficiency, sustainability and safety.

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