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High demands

Battery design is rapidly evolving for industrial applications.

Due to usage in remote locations and extreme environmental conditions, where battery failure results in system failure, industrial applications place unique and high demands on power, reliability and durability. At the same time, the type and number of applications are constantly expanding, mainly in the areas of electric and hybrid vehicles, electric utility energy storage, portable electronics and storage of energy produced by renewable resources.

High performance

Industrial applications require rechargeable storage systems, working for up to 20 years while surviving thousands of recharge cycles, operating across a wide temperature range, and continually delivering quality performance.
Lithium-ion batteries meet these high demands, with high energy density, high efficiency (near 100%) and long cycle life. Their superior energy capacity and increased (dis)charge rate make them very attractive for industrial applications like energy regulation and storage, especially when combined with renewable energy sources.

Built to be the best

MG’s lithium-ion energy storage solutions are designed to meet the highest standards for performance, reliability, endurance and safety. Powerful yet robust, our products deliver and last, even in large systems with high voltage and high capacity, even in demanding environments.

Whether you need industrial grade batteries for peak shaving or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, for internal transportation or portable power supplies, our technology has proven to perform.

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