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Powering the future

The automotive industry is in a perpetual state of exciting developments. With tighter CO2 targets looming, reducing fuel usage and decreasing emissions have been a long term objectives.

At the same time, demands for reliable mobile power options in cars, vans, busses and trucks are growing, especially when operating in isolated, demanding locations.

This has caused the industry’s interest in electric vehicles to intensify. Right now electrification is making an enormous a impact – and future expectations are even higher.

Hybrid and electric

Hybrid-electric vehicles deliver considerable benefits in terms of energy efficiency. Following a series of high-profile hybrid supercars, the consumer market is growing. But so are driver’s demands, especially regarding better performance, more mileage, lower cost and inspiring driving dynamics.

This combination of tighter CO2 targets, growing competition, cost pressure and ever-greater customer expectations calls for specific electric drive expertise. A challenge that MG is keen to embrace.

Built to be the best

Lithium-ion batteries are getting better and better. With the lightest metal, the smallest ion and its superior energy density, we believe this may be the technology that will propel electric vehicles into the automotive mainstream.

MG is known to win, by applying creative thinking and innovative technologies, in order to boost performance, improve efficiency, advance charging capacity, reduce weight and lower costs of our lithium ion batteries. We are eager to use these skills and expertise to influence the next generation of sustainable transportation.

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