From Boat to Business

From Boat to Business

The MG Story

MG Energy Systems B.V. is the result of two study mates (Mark & Gerard) deciding to participate in a solar boat race. When creating a solar boat they discovered the absence of a good BMS (Battery Management System). These systems regulate the voltage, current and temperature of the lithium-Ion batteries. In order to create the best solar boat, they decided to take matters into their own hands and built their own BMS. “From boat to business”. In 2009 the company MG Energy Systems was created, where the innovative ideas were translated into commercial high-end products.

MG Mission

“Contributing to a sustainable future” 

MG Vision

“Improving sustainable technology by constantly aiming for the very best through passion and innovation”

Engineering a big part of MG story

Passion for Technology

MG specializes in high-end battery system solutions, featuring innovative technologies for the best performance. These battery systems are ideal for full-electric and hybrid marine propulsion systems, off-grid/ESS, Industrial and mobile applications.

MG Energy Systems is a company which is driven by its passion for the technique.
Partly resulting from the way the business has started, MG strives to make the world ‘greener’ in any way it can. This is based on the idea that “everyone can do something and together we can make the transition to a sustainable society”.

This can be translated into the mission which drives the company, and the vision which ensure how to fulfill this mission.

Female Technician

MG Product Timeline

Looking for Talent

Join MG Energy Systems BV and help drive growth and success in the renewable energy industry! As the business is growing, we are looking for a motivated and technical member for our company. Here you will join a motivated team with a true winners mentality.

We offer a competitive salary and opportunities for growth and advancement within the company. If you’re passionate about renewable energy, we are looking for you! Are you looking for a new challenge? Do not hessitate to contact us!

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MG is Looking for Talent
Looking for Talent