MG Introduces the NEW LFP 304 battery:

MG Introduces the NEW LFP 304 battery
"More capacity, same dimensions"

In the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy and electric mobility, the search for more efficient energy storage solutions with higher capacity is ever-growing. To meet this need, the LFP 304 has increased the capacity of MG’s most popular battery.

The LFP 304 is the latest development within the LFP series. In addition to the high capacity, the LiFePO4 battery has multiple advantages. The exceptional lifespan, superior safety and thermal stability make the LiFePO4 batteries highly sought after for marine applications. This makes the LFP 304 the ideal choice for applications that require reliable and long-lasting solutions.

Combining the LFP 304 with the MG Master BMS creates a perfect system for electric or hybrid propulsion. In addition, a port set generator can be replaced by a lithium power pack with alternator solution. This results in significant savings in gasoline.

The LFP 304 has a capacity of 7.8 kWh. With a voltage range of up to 470 Vdc, the LFP 304 battery covers many applications where high power is required. With a modern lithium battery system, a Battery Management System (BMS) is always required. MG offers the choice between the Master LV and the Master HV.

Use the MG Master LV for systems up to 96 Vdc. The Master LV is easy to install thanks to its all-in-one design. Fewer cables, equipment and installation components are required. This results in a quick plug-and-play installation.

When voltages in excess of 96 Vdc are required, the Master HV offers the perfect solution. This BMS is suitable for systems up to 900 Vdc. In addition to the safety and control functions, the Master HV provides insight into the battery status and energy consumption. The compact design makes it ideal for use in space-constrained applications.

Thanks to the modular design of the MG systems, you can easily increase the capacity of the system. Connect multiple strings in parallel to the MG Master BMS. This makes your system voltage and capacity fully scalable. This means: flexible in design and system integration made easier.

Learn all about MG systems and the NEW LFP 304 on the MG website.

LFP 304 – Specifications

  • Technology Lithium-Ion LiFePO4 (3rd generation)
  • Rated voltage 25.6 Vdc
  • Nominal capacity (Ah) 304 Ah
  • Nominal capacity (kWh) 7.8 kWh
  • Weight 54 kg