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MG’s battery factory runs on solar energy

Here, at MG, we’re passionate about energy and making the transition to an economy run on fossil-free fuels. As we strive to be forerunners in the field of storage solutions, we put our money where our mouth is. Last weekend we’ve installed 360 solar panels on the roof to power our entire battery factory.

Grid stability

Due to the growing number of solar parks and wind turbines on one hand, and a surge in electric transportation on the other, the grid is increasingly taxed with extremes in supply and demand. One moment there’s a steady surplus, the next a sudden shortage. These fluctuations will only intensify, resulting in more frequent power cuts.

Local storage

However, these peaks can be easily accommodated by local power storage. At MG Energy Systems we’re anticipating the future by developing energy storage solutions based on Lithium-Ion batteries, complemented with built in management systems to charge and discharge with extreme efficiency. Powerful enough to run our factory.

Solar panels

We chose solar panels with a very high efficiency, using the latest MWT technology (Metal Wrap Through) co-developed by

Eurotron. This technology reduces the risk of microcracks by not soldering the solar cells but gluing them, thereby ensuing a higher yield over the lifetime, compared to traditional solar panels.

Energy yield

The annual output of this installation accounts for approximately 100,000 kWh of energy. The performance is accurately tracked by means of absolute irradiation measurement with a pyranometer and the energy yield of the panels. All data are collected in the cloud and can be accessed via the MG Energy Portal, a modular web platform developed by us to monitor energy systems.

Carbon footprint

The power generated will primarily be used for all assembly and development processes in our battery factory. In addition, all five of our electric cars are being charged with solar energy to make sure we travel fossil free. Due to these measures the carbon footprint of our company and our products is relatively small.

Energy storage

The energy storage system, installed in combination with the solar panels, can be used for various applications, such as peak-shaving, grid frequency stabilisation (FCR), backup and self-consumption, each with its own business case. As most of these meet our own needs and demands, it’s a perfect impetus for further exploration.

MG Energy LAB

The solar panels and storage installation are part of the Energy LAB that was set up at MG Energy Systems, as a playground for innovation and development. For example, solar panels, storage systems and charging infrastructure for electric cars are combined, developed and tested. We consider the Energy LAB as a platform to develop energy systems of the future.

Ultimate test

Always eager to put our systems to the test, we’re excited to announce we’ve found the perfect challenge.

Production has doubled. We’re scaling up!

It’s been ten months since moving to our new premises and the commissioning our MG Factory. And we’re already scaling up production!

Output of our primary assembly line for battery modules has doubled, a new assembly line for low voltage masters is in full swing, with a third for NMC’s in the works.

While we can’t disclose the details of our secret recipe, we can share the juicy ones. There’s vision control for quality assurance and welding robots for accuracy and speed. But what makes the difference is our highly dedicated male ánd female crew – deploying a wide taste in music to create the perfect working atmosphere for every task at hand. Who knew your battery production process was powered by AC/DC?

MG opens new premises with wind powered musical performance

Save the date! On Friday June 9 we’ll be opening our new MG energy storage factory – with a wind powered musical performance by Syb van der Ploeg en Piter Wilkens!

Wind energy

For this special occasion, one of our very own MG battery system will be transported to Windpark A7 (near exit 16). From Wednesday evening on, it will be charged with wind energy, harvested by Noordenwind wind mills.

Syb van der Ploeg and Piter Wilkens

This green energy will be used to power a sustainable musical performance by none other than Syb van der Ploeg and Piter Wilkens. Together they will present their brand new song, ‘Leven van de Wind’ (‘living off the wind’).

Sustainable music

These famous Dutch singer/songwriters founded JIT foundation to develop innovative audiovisual productions, with sustainability as a theme.

This unique collaboration of JIT, Noordenwind and MG Energy Systems opens a new market. We are very excited and proud to join forces and host this very special event.

Celebrate with us

We’ll be working on sunshine, we’ll be singing on wind. Will you be there to celebrate with us? You’re welcome to join us!


Friday June 9
15:00 o’clock


Foeke Sjoerdswei 3
8914 BH Leeuwarden

We’ve moved!

We’re growing fast and dreaming even bigger. That’s why we’ve moved to a beautiful new building. With ten times the size of our former premises, we now have ample space to upscale our production and development. Moreover, it’s situated even closer to the water, so we can easily take our solar boat for a testdrive.

Our new address is in walking distance of our previous location. Check out the view below or drop by for a quick tour and a cup of joe!


New address

MG Energy Systems
Foeke Sjoerdswei 3
8914 BH Leeuwarden
The Netherlands

+31 (0)58 – 7508947



MG launches brand new website

We are very proud to launch our brand new website! Over the last few months we’ve been working hard to take our online presence to the next level. The first of several exciting new projects is a complete make-over of www.mgenergysystems.eu .

This operation was realized in close collaboration with our partner Xenit, experts in strategy, marketing and communication. They took care of everything, from architecture to design and copy writing, so we can focus on what we do best: innovating energy storage. So sit tight, because more new projects are on the way.

Now, without further ado, we invite you to take a look around. Feel free to push all buttons and let us know what you think!