Cruise completely silent and emissions-free in an eco-tender / with MG batteries

This is the first time such an avant-garde hybrid system has been installed on a superyacht tender. The initial impetus came from the tech-savvy owners who wanted a vessel that impacted on the environment as little as possible, but the know-how we bring away from the project will be carried through into the future.

Luca BoldriniSales Director – Motor yachtsPerini Navi

Project / story

Their challenge

Imagine you’re the very happy owner of a 50m Perini Navi sailing yacht, but over the years your needs have evolved. It’s not so much that you want a bigger boat, you’re longing for flexible cabin space for your guests and something more than a conventional RIB (rigid inflatable boat) to explore closer inshore to pursue your hobby of nature photography.

You purchase a vessel with the same graceful looks, quality feel and luxurious comfort as the mother ship, that provides additional accommodation and can operate independently as a 25m extension of your sailing yacht. It’s no ordinary tender, it’s an eco-tender, designed and built with a super yacht mentality with amenities and technologies to match.

For one, it comes with a sophisticated hybrid propulsion system developed by Siemens, which provides four operational modes:

  • Diesel mode: twin MAN diesel engines (2 x 1213 kW) power two Hamilton waterjets for a maximum speed in excess of 30 knots.
  • Hybrid mode: one engine drives its neighbouring waterjet and also serves as a generator for an e-motor to power the other waterjet.
  • Diesel-electric mode: a 130 kW generator supplies electricity for two e-motors to drive the waterjets.
  • Zero-emission mode: a 2 x 70 kWh MG RS Series battery bank powers both waterjets via the e-motors at around 8 knots for up to an hour.

Although close attention has been paid to minimising noise in all propulsion modes and keep contractual sound levels below 55dB throughout, it’s the last mode that allows you to cruise at low speed in marine parks or other environmentally sensitive areas, completely silent and emissions-free. Honestly, what more could you possible want?

Our solution

Components used

  • 2 x MAN 1213 kW diesel engines
  • 2 x Siemens 150kW electric motor
  • 1 x Siemens Custom 135 kW generator
  • 2 x Hamilton HM531 waterjet
  • 2 x 10 RS Series battery modules (2 x 70 kWh)
  • 1 x MG Master HV

Project / specs

System voltage

640 VDC

Total capacity

2 x 70 kWh

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