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Battery modules

MG offers a range of high-end lithium-ion battery modules, using innovative technologies for optimal performance. Our LFP battery modules and NMC battery modules are ideal for marine, industrial, solar and automotive applications.

Battery Management

For safe and reliable operation, each battery features an integrated battery management system. On top of that MG designed a master/slave architecture to monitor and manage entire systems. We supply both low voltage masters and high voltage masters.

Battery monitoring

MG offers both local and remote battery monitoring solutions to track your battery system’s status. Whether you are on site or online, a visual update is available, so you can plan accordingly and get the most out of your energy.

MG Lithium-Ion HE Battery Module

24 V | 100 / 150 / 200 Ah | 2,5 / 3,75 / 5,0 kWh | 16 / 22 / 29 kg

MG’s brand new battery module features superior high energy density: more energy in less weight and volume. Is your application constricted by volume and weight? Then these batteries are your perfect solution.

MG Lithium-Ion LFP Batttery Module

24 V | 100 / 180 Ah | 2,60 / 4,75 kWh | 30 / 55 kg

This robust battery has proven its superiority to conventional batteries in a wide range of applications, featuring high energy density, high charging and discharging capacities, high continuous power and long battery life, topped off with easy installation and safe usage.

MG Lithium-Ion NMC Battery Module

51 / 58 V | 132 Ah | 6,7 / 7,7 kWh | 69 / 72 kg

Specifically designed for marine and industrial applications, this powerful battery manifests high-energy density with fast (dis)charging, while a liquid thermal management system keeps it on optimal temperature for maximum performance and lifespan. Modularity allows it to create large capacity systems, in the range of 48 to 800 Vdc.

MG Low Voltage Batttery Master

24 – 96 V | 150 / 350 / 600 / 1000 A

This all-in-one battery management controller cleverly combines a main switch, fuse box, DC distribution and battery management in one compact high end system. It is available in several versions, to match a wide range of currents and voltages. Ease of both installation and usage make it the perfect master for low voltage energy systems.

MG High Voltage Batttery Master

up to 800 VDC | 300 A/ 500 A

This battery management controller is developed for a high system voltage up to 800 V. When combined with a string of MG’s Lithium-Ion battery modules, it can make up large capacity battery banks for marine and industrial markets. By continuous monitoring it protects the entire system against thermal and electrical extremes – and is tested to achieve the highest safety standards in marine applications.


High efficiency energy harvesting

The MG Solar MPPT is the most efficiënt MPPT in the world. The technology has proven itself during race conditions in harsh environments. The ultra fast tracking and low weight makes it ideal for racing purposes and other high-end applications like solar airplanes and drones.

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