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Changing course

A little while ago MG was featured in a documentary about the joint efforts of our entire province toward renewable energy, setting multiple world records in fossil free transportation on land, waters and sea. From the canals of our hometown all the way to the Monaco shore.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something and together we can make the transition to a sustainable society.

In the past ten years we’ve come a long way with MG and we’ll keep on trying to contribute to a greener world in any way we can, hopefully for many more decades to come. Because we believe together we can change the course for generations.

One solar boat, one vehicle, one air craft at a time.

The / story

When it comes to electric energy, we love designing new solutions. Because we strongly believe whatever we discover today, can contribute to tomorrow’s norm. It never stops, our ideas and inventions develop all the time. This is serious business – one we are very passionate about.

Simple and powerful

MG’s story is as simple as it is powerful. It all started when long time friends and study mates Gerard van der Schaar and Mark Scholten decided to build a boat and participate in a Dutch solar challenge.

They quickly discovered batteries were the boats Achilles’ heel. There was simply no good battery management system (bms) available, even though it’s critical to control voltage, current and temperature in lithium batteries.

So they built it themselves. And then they won the race.

From boat to business

Upon discovering the enormous potential of technological innovations for a sustainable future, they decided to dig in. In 2009 they started MG to turn their innovative ideas into commercial high-end products.

Since then their Furia solar boat has finished first in just about any international solar boat event, be it in tiny waters or on open sea.

All they learn from this living lab is used to successfully developed their line of high performance solar energy storage solutions, for marine, industrial, off-grid/solar and automotive applications all over the world.

Both boat and business continu to grow fast and strong.

Our solutions have grown to be much more than battery modules with a battery management system (bms). Unlike most other providers, we offer an integrated systems solution. Not only do our modules yield a higher capacity, they can be combined to create even larger battery banks with enormous power. These are quite easy to install, because our systems do not require separate balancing components.

We test our products extensively, using the same equipment as Tesla in order to achieve the highest safety standards. In all we do, safety is of utmost importance.