Volta Energy with MG Batteries at the Zwarte Cross

In this Eureka class fossil fuels are not allowed. Volta Energy developed this heavy duty electric powered pick-up equipped with an MG Lithium-Ion Battery pack.

The “Zwarte Cross” is a popular annual festival in the Netherlands, blending music, motorsports, theater, and entertainment. Thousands of visitors attend for live music, stunt shows, comedy acts, and various motorsport competitions like motocross. The festival is known for its quirky and laid-back atmosphere, with a focus on fun, freedom, and creativity.


In this new cross-class of 2023, the possibilities are truly endless. The greatest re)thinkers where challenged to go all out in this class of the future. Because in the brand-new Eureka class, any power source is allowed as long as it doesn’t use fossil fuels.

Volta Energy participated with an MG Battery system and invested a lot of time in the vehicle. See below a nice impression of the race with this electric powered pick-up. This is a sneak preview of how the future of the Zwarte Cross might evolve.