MG shows new products at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo

The MG team is looking forward to seeing you at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo in Amsterdam. In addition to the products you are already familiar with, we are demonstrating a number of interesting novelties this year. Read below which ones they are.


The AFC 300 alternator field controller is one of the latest products in the MG product line.

Connect the AFC 300 between a 12V, 24V or 48V field regulated alternator and the MG Lithium-Ion battery bank. The AFC300 continuously measures the alternator temperature and the currents that the alternator generates. In case the alternator temperature gets too high, the AFC 300 automatically reduces the current. This prevents overheating of the alternator. 

Use the MG Connect App on your smartphone for real-time monitoring of the alternator current, temperatures and many more parameters. The AFC 300 is NMEA2000 and DVCC compatible and comes with Bluetooth as a standard.

Key-features of the AFC 300 include: temperature regulation, current regulation, automatic field polarity detection and integrated load dump protection.

Typical applications: fast charging for lithium-ion battery banks for hotel load in the yachting industry and commercial vessels.


RS 230

Already introduced at the last METS in November: the new RS 230.

The first batch of the RS 230 will be supplied in the beginning of Q3 2024!

The RS 230 battery module combines the highest safety aspects in combination with the latest LiFePO4 technology in a robust IP65 housing. These high standards make this liquid-cooled battery suitable for battery configurations up to a DC voltage of 900 Vdc. Type approval is ongoing and is expected to be completed early 2025. 

Specifications of the RS 230

  • Capacity: 11.8 kWh at 51 Vdc
  • Weight: 95 kg
  • Configuration: in series up to 900 Vdc, unlimited parallel strings
  • Liquid Thermal Management for high performance
  • Pressure Relief Valve with Gas Exhaust
  • Steel IP65 Enclosure
  • High Voltage Power Connectors and High Voltage Interlock Circuit (HVIL)
  • Integrated BMS

RS Rack

In addition to the RS 230 battery, we will demonstrate the high-end RS Rack system at the show.

This modular rack is equipped with an integrated exhaust system and liquid cooling manifolds. Installation of the RS 230 batteries is fast and effective thanks to the module slide-in mounting option.

NEW LFP 304 SLP (ES-Trin certified)

At the show we will introduce the new LFP 304 SLP. This model is an additional version for the LFP family and is equipped with Amphenol SurLok Plus connectors. With this additional model, MG takes the famous LFP 304 battery to a higher level in terms of safety and ease of installation. This SLP version will be the best choice for all high-voltage applications in combination with our MG Master HV (BMS). 



Higher DC Voltage (up to 563 Vdc nominal)
Besides improved safety and easier installation, another benefit of the new SurLok connectors is that the maximum voltage has been increased. The normal LFP 230 and LFP 304 version was limited to a maximum of 16 LFP batteries in series (nominal 409 Vdc). With the special SurLok LFP 304 SLP version, the number of batteries in series increased to a maximum of 22 batteries in series. This results in battery bank configurations with a nominal voltage of 563 Vdc. Thanks to increasing to this voltage, the LFP 304 SLP will offer a suitable solution for many more projects.

The LFP 304 SLP will be very widely applicable for maritime projects, such as electric propulsion and hybrid solutions. The LFP 304 SLP is ES-Trin certified and therefore able to serve a broad market for commercial inland vessels.

LFP 304 SLP or RS 230?
The RS 230  will be the ultimate choice for installations where the highest standards are expected, such as higher voltages up to 900 Vdc, integrated active cooling system or in case type approval (DNV GL /  Lloyds) is required.


MG Booth Number

Opening times
Save the dates below, we are looking forward to meeting you at the MG Booth on one of the following dates:

Tuesday, June 18th – 10:00 – 18:00
Wednesday, June 19th – 10:00 – 17:00
Thursday, June 20th – 10:00 – 15:00

RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam

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