Tour boat ‘Jeroen Krabbé’ is a beautiful example of emission-free cruising

The electric propulsion system is powered by 24 lithium-ion MG Energy Batteries for a zero-emissions cruise

The Amsterdam municipality has mandated that all transportation in the city center must be emissions-free by 2025. This includes the tour boats. By 2030, this rule will apply to the rest of the Amsterdam waterways.”

Stromma focuses on sustainable tourism. The company aims to be Northern Europe’s leading sustainable producer and provider of tours and activities. Stromma Netherlands holds the Green Key certificate and seeks to minimize environmental impact by increasing the use of electricity in place of gas and diesel engines. A significant portion of the Stromma fleet is already electric, and the remaining vessels will be electrified in the coming time, making the entire fleet emission-free along the Amsterdam canals by 2025.

For example the tour boat named “the Jeroen Krabbé” was equipped with an electric propulsion system in collaboration with E-ship. The electric motor is powered by a set of 24 lithium-ion MG Energy Batteries, allowing the vessel to travel for approximately one and a half days before the batteries need to be recharged.


  • 6 LFP batteries in series
  • 2 Master HV
  • Redundant battery system
  • 4 parallel strings
  • Total capacity: 172 kWh
  • Nominal voltage: 153,6 Vdc

ES-Trin Regulation

The MG batteries on board of these passenger boats fully comply with the ES-Trin 62619 and 62620 regulations. These regulations
are applicable for inland vessels within the European Union. (CESNI).

In addition, the heating system has been renewed, the windows have been refurbished, the boat has received a new ergonomic dashboard, and a new guide system from Great Guide has been installed, enabling guests to listen to facts about Amsterdam in various languages.

November 2024, MG has been granted the opportunity to use the Jeroen Krabbé by offering a cruise through the Amsterdam canals during METS 2024 with our guests. A fantastic experience. The emission free vessel’s adaptability makes it suitable for cruises, as well as for parties and events.

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