Krug Expedition RV with Lithium-ion Batteries

Krug Expedition RV Equipped with Lithium-ion Batteries
Krug Expedition RV Header

Heavy-Duty Expedition RV

Starting in 2011 the KRUG group created their first expedition vehicle. As a result, the foundation for the company now known as Krug Expedition was made. The Austrian company, officially established in 2017, builds recreational expedition vehicles for those who want to travel the world without having to make compromises. MG storage systems supply the energy of all Krug Expedition vehicles. As a result, the heavy-duty vehicles are technically advanced, self-sustained and safe, but also very comfortable. There is a variety of models available, which range from 4.6 up to 6 meters in length. Recently, the company complemented its fleet with a new lightweight version called the Rhino. As a standard this new vehicle is equipped with lithium batteries.

The team behind the company has decades of experience in off-roading, and possesses different expertises on all kinds of terrains. This, combined to their enthusiasm for the business, has resulted into the successful business.

Inside the Krug Expedition Vehicles

Inside the impressive vehicles, quality is one of the biggest focus points. Krug Expedition provides its customers a selection of 20 different interior lay-out options to choose from. The usage of materials and components inside the vehicles are of the highest quality. As a result the interior is very comfortable, and makes travelling with these vehicles a pleasure.

An MG battery system provides the energy of these self-sustained vehicles. The MG battery bank consists of 2 HE300 batteries. As a result the storage capacity amounts up to 15 kWh. In the end, the owners of these vehicles have enough energy capacity to use the large amount of equipment on-board.

MG Energy Storage System

  • MG Master LV
  • 2x HE 300
  • System voltage 24 Vdc
  • Total capacity 15 kWh

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