Our new partner: Frisian Motors BV

We’re happy to welcoming Frisian Motors as our newest partner. As producers/importers of electric vehicles there’s a natural match. On top of that, Frisian Motors even located in the same province. What more could we wish for?

MG Energy Systems is winner of De HET 2017 and Entrepreneur of the Year

MG Energy Systems has been named winner of De HET 2017, earning the title Entrepreneur of the Year in Friesland’s capital Leeuwarden. On March 22 in the WTC Expo, we were awarded with the official De HET cup.

According to the jury MG are: ‘young, dynamic, innovative, ambitious and aimed at an international market where strong growth is expected. In addition MG has all the potential to grow into a big brand.’

We’re delighted and honoured to have won this business award. To us, this is an amazing accomplishment, one we’re very proud of. The contest has turned out to be an educational process and beautiful platform. We thank the jury, the organisation and all the people who voted for us!

De energieke bijdrage van MG Energy Systems aan Solar team Twente

Een prachtige aanbeveling van Solar team Twente:

‘Het ontwikkelen van een zonneauto is een veelzijdig en ingewikkeld proces. Naast het ontwerpen en bouwen van een goede body, moeten ook alle interne systemen worden ontwikkeld en geproduceerd. Onder de motorkap van een zonneauto zit een heel netwerk van elektrische draden en componenten verstopt. Dit netwerk zorgt ervoor dat de energie die wordt gehaald uit het zonlicht, naar de motor wordt geleid en daar wordt omgezet in bewegingsenergie.

Het is een hele uitdaging om zo efficiënt mogelijk met de opgewekte energie om te gaan en in de systemen zo min mogelijk verliezen te lijden. Deze uitdaging gaan wij niet alleen aan. Wij dagen onze partners uit om met hun kennis en ervaring bij te dragen aan onze super efficiënte zonneauto.

Een van de partners die de uitdaging met ons aan is gegaan is MG Energy Systems. MG Energy Systems is gespecialiseerd in het ontwikkelen van zeer efficiënte energieopslag methoden. MG maakt gebruik van de nieuwste technologieën voor optimale prestaties. Wij zijn erg blij met de steun van MG Energy Systems.
Edities lang is MG Energy Systems de trouwe leverancier van MPPT’s met een efficiëntie van 99%. MPPT staat voor Maximum Power Point Tracking. MPPT componenten worden ingezet om het maximale vermogen uit een zonnepaneel te halen. Solar Team Twente gebruikt de MPPT componenten onder anderen in combinatie met het zelf ontwikkelde systeem SABINE, om het rendement uit het zonnepaneel op de auto te vergroten.

Naast MPPT’s beschikt MG over een breed scala aan producten en kennis, gericht op efficiënte energieopslag en toepasbaar in de maritieme, industriële en automobiele sector. MG zet zich met kennis en producten in voor verschillende projecten, zoals het ontwikkelen van een eigen zonneboot, een zonnevliegtuig, elektrische super karts en natuurlijk onze zonneauto. MG Energy Systems draagt met de toepassing van hun efficiënte systemen bij aan de ontwikkeling van duurzame oplossingen. Daarom vinden wij dat MG Energy Systems de winnaar moet worden van De HET!

De HET is een ondernemersprijs waarbij innovatie centraal staat. MG Energy Systems is een van de trotse finalisten die in aanmerking komt voor deze prijs. Vind jij ontwikkeling in duurzame energie ook belangrijk en vind jij, net als wij, dat MG Energy Systems De HET van Leeuwarden moet winnen? Stem hier en steun MG in de ontwikkeling van efficiënte energieopslag methoden en duurzame oplossingen!’

High-energy battery power at METSTRADE 2016

From the 15th until the 17th of November 2016 MG will be present at the METSTRADE Show 2016, in Amsterdam. We’re very excited to present our newest technology to you.

NEW: High energy lithium-ion battery module

What would happen… when you combine Tesla’s preferred energy cells with MG’s preferred technology? At METSTRADE 2016 we proudly introduce to you our brand new and highly innovative lithium-ion HE battery module. It’s enormously high in energy.It’s a 5th the weight of a standard AGM deep cycle battery. And it’s very cost competitive. What more would you need?

NEW: MG Master LV ((150A / 400A / 600A / 1000A)

For optimal operation we also developed a designed a high-end battery management controller, the MG Master LV (150A / 400A / 600A / 1000A). This all-in-one controller cleverly combines a main switch, fuse box, DC distribution system and Battery Management System in one compact design.

Entire system on display & in action

Both new products will be in stock Februari 2017, but you can see them next week in Amsterdam, on display and in action. To demonstrate their superiority to you, the complete system will be powering our booth during the show.

Come and visit us

Are you curious to see our new products and meet our team? Visit us on November 15 – 17 in the in Amsterdam RAI, booth number 05.141. The METSTRADE Show is the world’s largest trade exhibition of equipment, materials and systems for the international marine leisure industry. We look forward to meeting you there!

Opening hours

Tuesday 15 November 10:00 – 18:00
Wednesday 16 November 09:00 – 18:00
Thursday 17 November 11.00 – 17:00


RAI Amsterdam,
1078 GZ Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

You will find us at booth #05.141

MG powers first Mexican electric public service bus

Fighting pollution in Mexico

With high levels of pollution in most of Mexican cities, zero emission vehicles are the only way to make a difference, according to industrial designer Alfonso Hernandez. Automotive industry is shifting toward electrification, but when this only concerns new vehicles, it can take decades to clear the air. That’s why Hernandez took it upon himself to help Mexico take the first big step to clean public transportation.

Converting old buses into all-electric vehicles

His company APV international is dedicated towards exploring the opportunities of renewable energy, by turning old combustion engine buses into all-electric vehicles, thereby reducing emission to zero and saving up to 80% in costs. As a proof of concept, Hernandez took on the challenge to convert a 13-year-old diesel-powered public transport bus.

Lithium-ion in stead of lead acid batteries

Ten months ago we received a phone call from Mexico. Hernandez and his team had managed to build complete their prototype and were testing it at the moment. They used a big lead acid battery bank to power the 250 kW electric motor from TM4. They knew this wasn’t the best solution, due to the large volume, high weight, short lifetime and poor performance. What they needed was a lithium-ion battery solution that could seamlessly be integrated in the test bus.

The system

To be more precise: that meant 700 VDC voltage and a capacity of approximately 85 kWh. We provided an 84 kWh Lithium-Ion battery system with liquid cooling, consisting of 48 battery modules. Each has its own slave BMS and is connected to a MG Master HV 800V/600A that makes up the main BMS of the battery system.

On the one hand, the MG Master HV communicates with all battery modules and monitors their values. At the other side it communicates with the vehicle CAN-Bus, which consists of an advanced color display and the TM4 Neuro vehicle controller. We adjusted the CAN-Bus communication protocol to speak the same language as the TM4 Neuro. This makes the integration of the different systems even more simple.

The first

We are proud to have contributed to developing Mexico’s first public service battery bus.

We challenged ourselves with the toughest goal, knowing that once achieved, any other project would be downhill. That’s why we developed our prototype with the strongest system we could think of. This opens roads for future markets like cargo transport in short range. This way we can start moving faster towards a cleaner transport solution where everybody wins.

MG provides power and backup for Mali hospital

How to provide a reliable power supply to a African hospital? MG equips it with solar panels plus a large capacity installation to be used as backup system. No more diesel-fueled generators, but a dependable, self-sufficient and sustainable solution.

MG’s Furia wins international solar boat challenges and sets a new speed record

Winner of the Dutch Solar Challenge 2016

Some say there is only one thing harder than winning a title: defending it. Cliché as it may sound, it sure felt like this during the Dutch Solar Challenge last month. No race was harder, yet no victory was sweeter. It was a narrow squeak, but we managed to win the Dutch Solar Challenge once again and thereby prolong our uninterrupted string of back-to-back victories since 2009.

This year’s edition of the Dutch world championship turned out to be an exciting week of adversity, tough competition and unexpected twists and thrills until the very last mile. Due to bad luck and mechanical mishaps to the MG powered Furia solar boat in the first few days, we saw our chances of prolonging our title rapidly diminishing. Midway through the race we placed second in the overall ranking with little hope of securing another win. Our fiercest contestant, TU Delft Solar Boat Team, succeeded in developing a very competitive boat, with top speeds rivaling ours. But the hardest part was yet to come.

Because the longest and final leg of the race on Saturday was also reputed as the most challenging of all. Even more because the sun was expected to disappear and rain was predicted for the last 30 kilometers; in the end it all came down to energy management and strategy. By keeping a sharp eye on the weather, meticulously monitoring our battery capacity, and our solution’s superior efficiency, we eventually flew across the final finish line at 40 km/h – first – and so far ahead of the rest of the field we conquered the world championship title once more. The team felt more proud than ever before for having persevered against all odds.

On top of that, we were the fastest to travel the total distance and ranked first in the sprinting championship.

Winner of the Monaco Solar Boat Challenge

Little time was left for celebration, because three days later we left for Monaco to defend our title during the Monaco Solar Boat Challenge. A whole new ballgame, because this is the first and only contest for solar-powered race boats to take place on open sea.

During three days of competition on the Mediterranean waters, combining a fleet endurance race, a timed slalom course and one-on-one duels, we proved our supremacy by ranking first in each and every challenge and winning the overall championship title for the third year running.

Another highlight was the International YCM International Speed Record, over the distance of one eighth of a nautical mile. In company of tough competition, we are very proud to have set the new average speed of 49.10km/h, beating our own record set in 2015.

The third edition was inevitably overshadowed by the tragic events that took place in Nice on 14th July. During the somber parade on Friday, we paid homage to the victims and their families. All participants were keen to show solidarity and reaffirmed our shared desire to build a better future together.

Powered by CLAFIS and Victron Energy

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, especially CLAFIS and Victron Energy, for enabling us to join these spectacular races and also cheering us on along the way, with unwavering faith and support.

MG launches brand new website

We are very proud to launch our brand new website! Over the last few months we’ve been working hard to take our online presence to the next level. The first of several exciting new projects is a complete make-over of www.mgenergysystems.eu .

This operation was realized in close collaboration with our partner Xenit, experts in strategy, marketing and communication. They took care of everything, from architecture to design and copy writing, so we can focus on what we do best: innovating energy storage. So sit tight, because more new projects are on the way.

Now, without further ado, we invite you to take a look around. Feel free to push all buttons and let us know what you think!

Meet us at the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2016

From the 21st until the 23rd of June 2016 MG will be present at the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2016, in Amsterdam. We’re very excited to present our newest technology to you.

High energy battery module

One of the systems on display is MG’s new battery series. High energy density combined with very low weight makes this an ideal 24V supply for emergency, service, radio and auxiliary electronics batteries for yachts, commercial vessels and support vessels.

High-end battery system for hybrid and full-electric propulsion applications

Also on display will be MG’s high-end lithium-ion modular battery system, designed to comply with the highest safety standards in the marine market. Various innovative technologies yield high safety, high energy density, long lifespan and high charge/discharge rates. On top of that, MG is achieving DNV-GL type approval for this unique system.

All-in-one power station

Finally MG will present an all-in-one power station, combining MG’s high-end battery system, with an innovative generator and power electronics, all packed in a small footprint. Developed in cooperation with WhisperPower and Visedo, , this all-in-one solution features easy installation, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Come and visit us

If you have questions about our innovative products and solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to meeting you at booth #3100!

Opening hours

Tuesday 21 June 10:30 – 18:00
Wednesday 22 June 10:30 – 19:00 *
Thursday 23 June 11.00 – 17:00

*free drinks party from 17.30 to 19.00 hrs

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2016 free exhibition pass


RAI Amsterdam,
1078 GZ Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

You will find us in Hall 11
booth #3100