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Solar airplanes: future or reality?

Are solar airplanes reality? Flying a commercial passenger airplane from point A to B takes a huge amount of energy and power. If these demands were translated to a sustainable solution based on current technology by replacing kerosene with batteries, the weight would be much higher and more surface would be needed (or more efficient […]

The big three! Or rather: the small

Our Lithium-Ion High Energy battery modules are well known for their low volume, low weight and high power. After successfully launching the strongest and the smallest we’re proud to announce a third in between. So whatever the size of your space, you’ll always find a perfect fit and save a maximum of energy. Check all technical specifications, download our brochures […]

Production has doubled. We’re scaling up!

It’s been ten months since moving to our new premises and the commissioning our MG Factory. And we’re already scaling up production! Output of our primary assembly line for battery modules has doubled, a new assembly line for low voltage masters is in full swing, with a third for NMC’s in the works. While we […]