Autonomous Camera System for the Dutch Royal Air Force

Off-Grid Lithium-ion Battery Storage System Vliehors, Vlieland

The Dutch Royal Air Force has a designated area to perform their practicing sessions, located on the Frisian Islands. This area houses state-of-the-art technologies, such as radars and other measuring equipment. For a new autonomous camera system on the remote practicing area, the Dutch Royal Air Force uses MG batteries to supply the power for the system. The Royal Air Force uses this new unmanned camera system for the NATO training area.

Fully off-grid camera system

The new camera system, containing highly advanced equipment, is installed on the island of Vliehors on Vlieland. With the nearest grid connection at a whopping 20 km distance, the system is designed to be fully independent. The required energy is generated with 12 pieces 375Wp full glass solar panels vertically mounted to the camera tower. In order to increase the efficiency, the cells of these panels are glued to glass, so that they also radiate from the back. The camera system runs 24 hours a day with an approximate continuous consumption of 100W. Therefore, it runs fully autonomously on an MG battery storage system. Four HE300 batteries create a storage capacity of 30 kWh. As a result there will always be sufficient power for the system to run.

Lithium-ion Battery System Vliehors, Vlieland

Waterproof and Always Online

During the winter the daily solar yield is lower as a result of the lower solar radiation. That is why the system is equipped with a fuel cell. This fuel cell is a backup generator an runs on ethanol. The fuel-cell generator is maintenance free and guarantees up-time during the dark days of winter.

Because of its location close to the sea, the system has to be water and storm resistant. An IP67 enclosure guarantees optimal protection against all weather influences.

This off-grid camera system is an important new development for training purposes. Therefore it is very important that it can be monitored anytime. To make this possible, it contains a built-in 4G router. This way the system is always online, and can always be accessed from anywhere in the world.

HE300 - Lithium-ion batteries

The HE300 lithium-ion battery with a high energy density.

The Installation

In short the battery installation contains the following products and specifications:

  • MG Master LV
  • Two HE300 batteries, two in series and two in parallel (2S2P)
  • System voltage 48 Vdc
  • Total capacity 30 kWh

Off-Grid Storage System Vliehors, Vlieland

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