MG Connect App

Lithium-ion Battery Monitoring and Control App

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection of the MG Master LV it is now possible to monitor and control your battery system with your smartphone or tablet. Install the MG Connect app on your phone and get insight into the battery status and energy consumption of your system. The new MG Connect app makes monitoring and control of an MG battery system even easier. For existing systems you can use the following Application Notes (AN1026) to install the new app and prepare your Master LV. Unique to the MG Connect app is the feature to monitor each battery individually. As a result you will always know the exact voltage and temperature for all your batteries in the system.

A selection of the possibilities with the app are:

  • Data tracking
  • Monitor multiple devices
  • Individual battery monitoring
  • Change settings of your system
  • Perform system diagnostics
Lithium-ion Battery battery management system BMS - Bluetooth connected

System Information

The MG Connect App has a set of features making the usage and monitoring of your MG battery system even more intuitive. With the app you are able to monitor essential system parameters such as state of charge (%), remaining time to go (d-h-m) and system information (e.g. voltage, power, temperature). 

Just like with the energy portal, the MG Connect App shows information of each individual battery in your system. This includes parameters such as temperature (highest and lowest), voltages (highest and lowest) and battery state. Charging data and uptime are displayed. 

Google Play Store - MG Connect App
Apple App Store - MG Connect App

Download the
MG Connect App
on Android and IOS

The app provides you with an overview of the current state. This is shown for the complete system as well as separate parts of the system. In case something requires your attention, this will be displayed at a glance.

When an action is performed with the system, like starting up or shutting down, this is logged on the events page. As a result you are able to read out all the events. Additionally, the event page includes daily summaries. And finally, the events page displays warnings and failures. As a result, in case troubleshooting is required, this is way easier and faster.

This all together provides detailed information about your battery system. 

MG Connect App - Dark and Light mode

The MG Connect App
light and dark mode

System Configuration

The MG Connect App enables you to change the device settings. Configurations such as charge and discharge settings can be adjusted as desired. Updating the firmware of the MG Master in the system is also possible with the MG Connect App. As a result, you don’t need any cabling and no laptop is needed to update your system.

The MG Connect App
Also available for tablets

MG Connect App - Available for tablet

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