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MG wishes everyone a prosperous new year, and we hope 2022 will be a fruitful year for the energy transition. MG Energy Systems aims to contribute to the energy transition to prevent climate change. But to do so, it is important to constantly innovate and improve. Besides the constant product innovation, this also translates into the new MG brochure line. 

During the METS, MG already introduced the new line of brochures. The concept of the new brochures follows the same modularity of the MG products. Besides, during the design phase of the brochures, the aim has been to incorporate a minimalistic design. 

To keep all your brochures nicely organized, an MG map is designed to complete the picture.

Scan for Technical Specifications

The QR-code directs you to the product datasheet on the MG download center

Always the Latest Specs

In order to make sure that everyone who owns an MG brochure always has the latest available specifications, all brochures contain QR-codes which direct you to the specific product page on the MG download center. Here you will find all information regarding the product you are reading about. The information on the download center will always be up to date. Therefore checking the download center once in a while is always a good thing to do!

Storage Systems Lithium-ion battery management system brochure

Available Soon

The MG brochure line will be available as hardcopy in the MG price list later this year. This way you will be able to order your set of the MG brochures, for your showroom and exhibitions. 

Don’t forget to check out our new brochures on the MG download center

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