MG lithium-ion batteries comply with ES-TRIN regulation

ES-TRIN certified MG batteries

From now on all MG lithium-ion batteries comply with the ES-TRIN 62619 and 62620 regulation. This regulation stands for European Standard laying down Technical Requirements for Inland Navigation vessels. This international standard ensures a safe and reliable installation on board of a wide variety of crafts. For instance, the ES-TRIN regulation is applicable on inland waterway vessels, sea-going ships, motor tankers, canal barges, tugs and so on. Lithium-ion battery banks are becoming an ever more essential part on board of these types of crafts. Think of electric propulsion, hybrid propulsion and the hotel load for example. The ES-TRIN prescribes all safety aspects and ensures a safe and reliable lithium-ion battery bank.

Extensive testing procedure

Starting early this year, the engineering team performed several extensive tests on all existing battery models. These consist of safety and performance tests including Battery Management Systems, MG Master HV and MG Master LV. The testing procedure was performed simultaneously for the three types of lithium-ion batteries we offer:

  • HE series, up to 460 Vdc
  • LFP series, up to 460 Vdc
  • RS series, up to 900 Vdc, liquid cooled, high performance

In the mid-summer of 2021 all of the above models passed the tests and certification process successfully. As a result the MG lithium-ion battery range complies with the ES-TRIN regulation as standard from now on*. This ensures that the MG lithium-ion batteries cover all safety aspects and can be installed according to the guidelines on board of commercial crafts.

Lithium-ion battery bank for inland vessel
LiFePo4 battery bank with ES-TRIN regulation

Recent ES-Trin project on a inland vessel

Recently Leeuwestein Scheepsinstallaties took care of this installation on board of the inland vessel “Variant”. The lithium-ion battery bank has a capacity of 173 kWh and serves the 3-phase hotel load. The battery system voltage is 48 Vdc. Two large alternators charge the battery bank while sailing. Two WakeSpeed WS500 alternator charge regulators prevent the alternators from overheating. To make the installation complete, the batteries are fitted in a high quality custom-built rack system.

RS lithium-ion battery module DNVGL ES-TRIN certificate

The high performance RS lithium-ion battery module now complies with both DNV-GL type approval ánd ES-TRIN regulation.

Download the ES-TRIN certificates

The exact certification numbers are: EN 62619:2017 and EN 62620:2015. The certificates are available for download on the MG Download Center:

HE Series
LFP Series
RS Series

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For more information about the certification process in The Netherlands, contact Rijn & Waal Expertise.
In case you want to learn more about the ES-TRIN and this European Standard, navigate the official website of CESNI (European Committee for drawing up Standards in the field of Inland Navigation).
Leeuwestein Scheepsinstallaties, the installer of the project on board of the Variant.

* Complete range of the HE, LFP and RS series. Not included are the UHE and HP series