Official launch of the PW10 electric inspection vessel

PW10 durable electric inspection vessel

“The market for full-electric workboats increases rapidly”. These are the words of Jelle Talsma, owner of Talsma Shipyard in Franeker based in The Netherlands. Therefore the Province of Fryslân wants to give a good example with the launch of a new electrical inspection vessel. This fifteen meter long ship of the Provincial Water Management was unveiled this week in the harbour of Franeker. MG Energy Systems is the supplier of the lithium-ion battery bank. The high-voltage battery bank provides the energy for both propulsion and domestic use on this new and ultra modern electric workboat.

Electric propulsion means silent operation

The PW10 electrical inspection vessel is very quiet and glides completely silent through the water. Unlike some electric cars, the ship does not have to be recharged every few hours of usage. As a result the ship can continually sail in electric mode for 12 hours when cruising at normal speed. An additional advantage is that the electric propulsion is emission-free. With this, the local government sets a good example when sailing through the beautiful Frisian inner waters.

MG Master HV Redundant BMS for starboard and port
Marine Solar Roof

MG lithium-ion battery bank of 240 kWh

The MG lithium-ion battery bank ensures the 12-hour range at cruising speed. Therefore the total capacity of the battery bank is 240 kWh.

The battery bank consists of four parallel strings. Each parallel string contains 12 lithium-ion batteries. These 12 batteries are all connected in a series configuration. As a result the battery system voltage is around 288 Vdc. This brings the battery voltage to the same voltage as the main DC busbar. This means efficiency: no conversion is needed and therefore there are hardly any energy losses.


Electric installation

The company Neho Speciaal Techniek is the supplier of all MG components. The electricians from e-ship in The Netherlands took care of the entire electrical installation on board. All together they did a magnificient job !


Customer: Province of Fryslân 

Design: Vripack Yacht Design

Shipyard: Talsma Shipyards

Electric system: e-ship

Distributor: Neho Speciaal Techniek