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MG Energy Systems is proudly working with the UK’s leading supplier of off-grid power systems, Energy Solutions UK Ltd. They offer an excellent hybrid power unit for homes and businesses, called the EasyGrid. A reliable battery bank is key to any successful energy storage system, and MG is pleased to be the battery supplier for the EasyGrid Lithium.

The EasyGrid Hybrid Power Unit

The EasyGrid is a standalone hybrid power supply system. It provides electric power on any location without shore power or grid connection. Energy Solutions offers two kinds of EasyGrid units. One with energy storage in GEL/AGM batteries, and the other is the EasyGrid Lithium, which uses MG’s Lithium-Ion batteries. The batteries that are used inside the EasyGrid Li are the HE series. It is also possible to use LFP battery modules.

The EasyGrid unit is a hybrid energy system. It has a plug-in connection for a generator and two plug-ins for renewable energy resources: solar and wind. The combination of these various power sources makes this solution very usable when it comes to providing power at any place, especially at off-grid locations.

hybrid power system construction site

Where is the EasyGrid Lithium usable?

The hybrid power units can be used for a variety of purposes. Any area without a mains grid connection, in the UK or internationally, can be provided with electricity. For example, when you are living off-grid. Or in case your company needs power on a construction site.

Or if you want to lower the project costs by saving generator fuel and maintenance costs. Moreover, when you need protection from power cuts, this is a reliable power supply system, because it can provide uninterrupted power.

To sum up, the EasyGrid Li is a practical off-grid power system for remote environments all over the world, and therefore very appealing to homeowners and commercial applications. 

How is the EasyGrid Lithium functioning?

A solar array + wind + generator = hybrid power to your loads. Always and everywhere. So, how does this actually work? The hybrid units have a connection for solar panels and a connection for a generator.

During the day the connected solar panels charge the lithium-ion batteries. The stored electricity is available whenever power is needed. For example in your house, office, broadcast event or at a construction site. More battery-capacity means that more solar energy can be stored during the day. And as a result, bigger loads can be connected. If the batteries are at a low state-of-charge and there is not enough solar energy, then a backup generator will switch on. The generator starts automatically charging the batteries. So you will always have the needed power at any location.

easygrid lithium hybrid power unit

The HE300 battery is installed in the EasyGrid. Therefore these lithium hybrid power units are compact, lightweight and very powerful.

Available models

The EasyGrid Lithium Hybrid Power unit is available in 3 models:

  • 5000Li
    With an installed battery capacity of 10 kWh, the 5000Li is the most compact and light-weight one. This means that the 5000Li is very easy to handle and therefore flexible in use for many applications.
  • 10000Li
    For higher power demands it is possible to install the 10000Li version. This unit has a 20 kWh lithium-ion battery bank.
  • 15000Li
    The 15000Li is the largest unit. A 30 kWh lithium battery bank takes care for the power supply. So, this version offers the highest autonomy.
lithium hybrid power unit sockets
lithium hybrid power units pv solar input

Advantages of lithium-ion batteries

First, lithium-ion batteries charge faster and have a long lifespan. Second, the depth of discharge (DoD) is higher compared to traditional batteries. This means that effectively there is more capacity available. Third, lithium-ion batteries are very lightweight and compact compared to traditional lead-acid batteries.

HE lithium-ion battery

The installed battery type in the EasyGrid Li is the HE battery. This battery has the highest available energy density in the market. As a result the EasyGrid Li is extremely compact. Beside that this battery type also saves a lot of weight. Therefore it is easy to transport to remote areas and for temporary projects.

The DC busbar with integrated fuse holders of the Master LV.
Create a series connection in an easy, safe and reliable way. Connect multiple strings in parallel to increase battery capacity.

dc-busbar with fuse holders MG-Master-LV

DC distribution with the MG Master LV

The MG Master LV connects the batteries with the chargers and loads. One of the key benefits of the Master LV is the integrated DC-busbar. This busbar makes your battery connections safe, easy and reliable. It allows you to connect the batteries in the desired series and in parallel configuration. Create easily multiple strings in effect to increase your battery capacity.  So, the MG Master LV allows you to dimension the required battery capacity in a flexible and scalable way.


The EasyGrid provides full online monitoring as a standard via the Victron VRM website. Therefore it requires an internet connection. This shows all relevant parameters and historic data including battery capacity, power usage and solar input along with many other selectable parameters. The owner can also set alarms to ensure that the whole system operates at its optimum performance at all times.

And furthermore, the system can be monitored at a glance by a smartphone, thanks to the integrated bluetooth. Therefore you need to download the latest VictronConnect app on your mobile device.

wind energy lithium battery

The lithium hybrid power unit consists of a input for both PV solar panels and a backup generator. All EasyGrid systems have an upgrade in order to integrate a wind turbine as part of the renewable power input. 

More information

For more information about the hybrid power unit, please contact the sales department of Energy Solutions:

01634 290772 UK
+44 1634 290772 International

Energy Solutions
52 – 54 Riverside,
Sir Thomas Longley Road,
Medway City Estate,
Kent ME2 4DP
United Kingdom

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