Lithium-ion batteries for Van Pack Jetter

Electric Van Pac Jetter Mercedes Vito

World’s first fully electric sewer cleaning machine

The reduction of exhaust gases is a common goal nowadays. For this reason local authorities, manufacturers and suppliers try to reduce their carbon footprint. As a result the use of generator driven equipment and machinery becomes more and more restricted. This shared ambition leads to a growing market of electrification. For instance the company Rioned answers to this growing demand. Recently they introduced the eCityJet: world’s first fully electric Van Pack Jetter. Powered by MG lithium-ion batteries.

Zero emission and maintenance free

To sum up the advantages of this electric sewer cleaning machine. Zero emission and clean operation are the first and most important one. The electric driven Van Pack Jetter doesn’t produce any harmful exhaust gases. Moreover, the system is silent during operation. This makes it ideally for use in urban areas, where strong regulations are applicable. An additional advantage of this generator replacement solution is that a lithium-ion battery pack is maintenance-free.

The lithium-ion battery installation

Looking more in-depth to mobile installations, there are many cases of conflicting requirements. For example, how to make sure to have the highest available capacity installed? After all, a high capacity of a battery bank will result in longer operation times. On the same hand, the battery installation has to be as compact and lightweight as possible.

Electric Van Pack Jetter lithium-ion

Batteries with the highest energy density

These requirements – capacity, low weight and limited space – leads to the search of a battery with the highest specific energy density. MG’s HE200 lithium-ion battery has a specific energy density of 175 Wh /kg. One of the highest available densities in the market. Therefore, the HE200 battery is the ultimate choice to answer the customer needs.

MG-HE-200ah-lithium-ion battery

The HE200 lithium-ion battery saves weight and space, thanks to the high energy density. This makes it the ultimate choice for mobile applications.

Battery configuration

To provide enough energy, in total 6 pieces of the HE200 lithium-ion batteries have been installed on a rack-system. Thanks to the high energy density, the total weight of the battery bank is only 172 kg.

This all-electric sewer cleaning machine has all the features of a conventional diesel-driven van-pack and is only marginally heavier. The empty jetting machine weighs approximately 600 kg.

Krug Expedition lithium-ion battery storage system

The installed lithium-ion batteries for the Van Pack Jetter

  • MG Master LV, which contains all following functions
    – BMS
    – Safety contactor including precharging function
    – DC-busbar to connect the batteries, chargers and the electric pump
    – Fuses and fuse holder
    – Integrated bluetooth
    – CAN-bus connections and I/O connections
  • Two parallel strings of three HE200 batteries in series (3S2P)
  • System voltage 72 Vdc
  • Total capacity 30 kWh
  • 72 Vdc charger, CAN-bus controlled by the Master LV
  • MG Energy Monitor for monitoring the battery energy consumption and provides the insight like battery state-of-charge (% SOC) and time remaining (time-to-go d:h:m).

With the eCityJet, Rioned developed the world’s first fully electric sewer cleaning machine. The all-electric van pack jetter has all the features of the conventional system and meets all current and future environmental standards.

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