Battery monitoring with VictronConnect

VictronConnect battery monitoring

Battery monitoring with the Victron Connect app on your smartphone is available now!

This blog gives the information and tools you need, to install and use the Victron Connect app with your MG device. The installation is easy and fast. The MG Master LV is standardly equipped with integrated Bluetooth. The first step is to upgrade your device to the latest firmware. The second step is to download the latest VictronConnect app on your smartphone. After that, you can connect the two and as a result you will be in control of your energy system – with your smartphone.

VictronConnect app

The VictronConnect app displays all relevant information of the MG battery system. Firstly, it shows details about the status of your battery system. Secondly, about the history. And thirdly, about the trends.

Status of your battery system

To get an insight about the status of your battery system, the VictronConnect app shows all information of your battery system at a glance. The main screen provides an ongoing overview of the following battery parameters:

  • State of charge
  • Time remaining
  • Power
  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Cell status and temperature

Refer to the manual for more information about all available parameters. Please see the links below.


Besides giving details about the status, the VictronConnect app also shows information about the history. The history tab on the screen will provide facts about your battery usage during the past. In other words, you receive an overview of previous relevant battery information and conditions. For instance: what is the highest current ever measured? Or another example: what is the highest cell temperature ever recorded?

These historical values are within easy reach, thanks to the VictronConnect app.

Monitoring trends with the Victron Connect app

As mentioned above, the VictronConnect app shows the status and the history of your battery system, and moreover, it monitors future trends. This enables you to analyze your usage and watch trends of your lithium-ion battery system. The following parameters are available for viewing:

  •  Voltage (V)
  • Current (A)
  • Power (W)
  • Consumed Amp Hours (Ah)
  • State of Charge (%)

In addition you can make your own graph and visualize relevant battery parameters with Live View.

To sum up, the VictronConnect app provides information about the status, the history and trends about your battery system on your smartphone. In other words, battery monitoring is now easily accessible, because you can connect your MG device with the VictronConnect app!

Which devices are supported

Bluetooth is available on all devices with a serial number equal or higher than “1738****”.  Check your serial number or contact your local dealer.

The Supported devices are:
• MG Master LV
• Victron Lynx Ion BMS

Monitoring of your battery in 3 ways

Now there are three possible ways to monitor the health of your batteries:

  • Use the GX Touch 50.
    This is the touch-screen panel from Victron Energy, used at the helm position.
  • Install the MG Energy Monitor.
    This is the touch-screen panel from MG Energy Systems, used in the battery room.
  • Connect with the Victron Connect App on your smartphone, via bluetooth.

More information and related links

Find below the manuals for the VictronConnect App and for enabling the bluetooth on your device. In case you need further assistance, please contact your local dealer.

Manual MG Master LV – VictronConnect App

More info about the VictronConnect app

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