Ketelmeer Solar Boat Race 2020

team clafis solar boat race ketelmeer 2020

The Solar Sport One competition could not take place this year, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This was a disappointment for many solar boat teams, because they spent a lot of time and energy to build and improve their solar boat. For this reason, students from the TU Delft Solar Boat team decided to organise a small competition on Monday, 17th of August. After designing, after building, and after testing, it was time for competing at the Solar Boat Race 2020 on the Ketelmeer.

Racing in three categories

The race was held at the Ketelmeer in Flevoland, The Netherlands. The competitors were TU Delft, Solar Boat Twente, Sunflare and Clafis Victron Energy. These four teams competed against each other in 3 different races. Firstly, the endurance-race, where the teams sailed as many laps as possible in 2 hours (laps of 3 km). Secondly, the match-race, where two teams competed against each other, sailing the same route. And thirdly, the sprint-race, where each boat sailed their fastest speed record.

Dutch weather conditions

The weather on monday was very much Dutch: a sky full of clouds, with sometimes a ray of sunshine and sometimes rain. This meant for the teams to be strategic about using their battery energy, charged by solar power. There was also no public for this race, not because of the rainy weather, but due to the Covid-virus. So for this reason it was made possible to follow the race on livestream.

Klaas Jan and Gerard preparing for the second round ketelmeer 2020

Race results

Twente Solar Team and TU Delft had some technical problems during the race and made it to fourth and third place. Sunflare Solar Team won the sprint, and took second place in the competition. Clafis Victron Energy won the endurance and match race, and was thereby the overall winner of the Ketelmeer Solar Boat Race of 2020.

Overall rankings after three rounds

1. Clafis Victron Energy Solar Boat Team
2. Sunflare Solar Team
3. TU Delft Solar Boat Team
4. Twente Solar Team

Vlog by Clafis Victron Energy Solar Boat team (in Dutch):

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