SILENT-YACHTS, Solar ingenuity


The experience from a MG Team Member

Before I started to work for MG Energy Systems, I travelled in Europe, Asia, Africa and South-America. Remembering the unforgettable boat ride in the Philippines, going to spend a few nights with some friends on one of those beautiful islands. These moments I remember we had to wait patiently to continue our conversation. Due to the loud noise of the engine, it was almost impossible to understand each other on the water, until we would arrive on our destination. As you probably can imagine, it caught my interest when I got to know about the partnership of MG Energy Systems with the innovative Austrian company SILENT-YACHTS.

Silent power

A boat ride without any noise and vibrations. Without any smell or visible exhaust smoke. Silent in every way. That would be a very different experience than the one I had. Even silent when it comes to harming nature, because SILENT-YACHTS is forerunner in making yachting work in harmony with nature. By being exclusively powered by solar energy, these ocean-going yachts are very environmentally friendly.

To name some of the advantages of solar-electric boats:

  • Silent
  • Efficiënt
  • No pollution
  • No oil spilling
  • Unlimited range
  • No maintenance

“The environment should not be affected, when enjoying the luxury of yachting”, that is the passion of Michael and Heike Köhler, founders of SILENT-YACHTS. MG is driven by the same passion: to create a sustainable society. This shared vision results in a strong partnership to contribute together to a greener world.

From solar boat racing to commercial solar yachts

MG Energy systems is therefore proud to be a technology partner of SILENT-YACHTS, sharing the same mission. Solar powered boats is in the DNA of MG. The reason of starting the company MG comes from the participation in the Solar Boat Challenge in 2008. With a group of friends, Mark and Gerard built a solar powered boat and started racing in competitions, starting in the Netherlands and, soon after, all over the world. There they built the knowledge and the experience of sailing a boat, completely powered by solar energy. This resulted in a passion for the technology that could make that happen.

“When Michael Köhler approached us for one of his first Silent Yachts, we immediately were enthusiastic about his plans. In this way we could bring our passion for the solar boat technology to a commercial level and give other people also this solar boat sailing experience we had in 2008.”, Gerard van der Schaar, co-owner of MG Energy Systems.


Lithium-Ion proven technology

On a Silent Yacht, you have this silent sailing experience, as well as the comfort and luxury of a motor yacht. The solar power is stored in batteries and is used for providing energy to all onboard systems like navigation, air conditioning and use of kitchen utilities like the fridge and cooker, as well as for the propulsion of the vessel. The main components for a solar powered drivetrain are simpel. The first component are the solar panels, for generating the energy. Second, a battery system, which can store the solar energy and also act like a buffer. And third, of course the electric motors for the propulsion. The most complex is to let all these components work seamlessly together. The energy management system is taking care of this. It will ‘speak’ and ‘listen’ to all components and control the flow of energy to and from those components. MG is delighted to provide the safe and reliable solar energy storage system, used in the Silent Yachts.

The boat ride to the island in the Philippines was serving my holiday by getting me to my destination. Compared to this unique and unforgettable experience, a boat trip on a Silent Yacht would be equally memorable, but most likely more enjoyable.

We, from MG Energy Systems, are very pleased with our partner relationship with SILENT-YACHTS, making a pleasurable experience like that possible. Hoping, that many more people may be able to enjoy the beauty of solar-powered, silent, and environment-friendly cruising or racing experiences. We are looking forward to continue partnering, supporting and empowering others to create a sustainable future, for us and the next generation!

Bieuwkje Kooistra
Employee at MG Energy Systems B.V.

Schematic lay-out of the MG High-Density Battery Bank

  • Installed batteries: HE series lithium-ion with high density of 175 Wh/kg
  • Per string a total of 14 pieces HE200 batteries are connected in series to the Master HV (BMS)
  • The capacity per string is 70 kWh at a voltage of 350 Vdc
  • Three of these strings of 70 kWh are connected in parallel
  • Total capacity of the battery bank 210 kWh

The installation on board of the SILENT-YACHT 55 E-Power+

  • 2 x 250kW Electric propulsion motors
  • 210 kWh MG Battery Bank
  • 100kW Generator
  • Cruising Speed: 6 – 8 kt
  • Top Speed: 17 – 18 kt

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