GBRacing launches its new ZERO-e sustainability truck with MG Lithium-Ion Batteries


Friday June 5, World Environment Day, is the perfect day for GBRacing to launch the first ever self-sufficient, sustainable support vehicle in the World Superbike paddock: the ‘ZERO-e’ project. GBRacing joins the commitment to increase sustainability and environmental responsibility across motorsport.

GBRacing’s Euro-6-compliant Mercedes Actros truck will run entirely on solar power and MG Lithium-Ion Batteries for the duration of each World Superbike event. By using the latest in solar and lithium truck battery technology, the system will provide enough energy to cook, shower, power laptops and phones and other electricity needs to comfortably live for at least four days.

The lithium truck battery solution:

mg-he200-parallel-master-lv-victron-multiplus-3x mppt

“This pioneering achievement was accomplished through close collaboration with MG Energy Systems, Solara Energy, Energy Solutions Ltd. and Victron Energy, who all provided invaluable expertise and enthusiasm towards this unique project.” writes GBRacing in their press release.

MG Energy Systems wishes GBRacing all the best during their launch and the upcoming World Superbike Events.


Press Release GBRacing

Read the complete press release from GBRacing here.

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