Firmware v1.8 for the MG Energy Monitor released

MG Energy Monitor firmware version

The MG Energy Monitor is used more and more in combination with MG’s battery systems. Recently firmware version v1.8 for the MG Energy Monitor has been released. Changing settings has been made even easier, thanks to this elegantly designed touch-screen display.

An overview of the newest features after installing this latest firmware.

QWERTY keyboard

After updating to version 1.8 a QWERTY keyboard will be available. This makes it easier to enter text-fields like your password and for instance to give a name to your installation.

Change System Name
Protection settings

Give a name to your MG system

Your system name will be visible on the touch-screen panel. Changing the name can be done quick and easy.

Protection levels

With the energy monitor all required settings can be made for installing, configuring and commissioning of the MG battery system.

To protect the system against unwanted changes, different protection levels have been added to the newest firmware:

  • all access
    all device and systems settings are available
  • local access
    changes are only allowed to device settings. System settings are locked
  • protected access
    System and device settings are locked
    only a limited selection of general device settings is still available
    This setting is the recommended protection level


As a standard the temperature measurements are displayed in Celsius. After installing the update to v1.8 this can be displayed in Fahrenheit as well.

Current limit setting

It is now possible to change both the charge and discharge current limits for the MG battery system. This is useful to limit the shore power current whenever that’s needed.


The Bluetooth module on the Master LV BMS can be enabled by the energy monitor after updating to the newest firmware. More information about the bluetooth implementation will follow soon.

Easy installation

Installation of the energy monitor is easy. Connect the MG Energy Monitor directly to the RJ45 or M12 CAN-bus port on the Master LV. Customers of an existing MG battery installation can order the MG energy monitor and integrate it with a running system.

Connecting the touch-screen panel

Combination with other panels

In the example below both the CCGX from Victron Energy and the MG Energy Monitor are integrated in the same system. The MG Energy Monitor can be installed in the battery room close to the batteries. This setup ensures that all system settings on the MG batteries can be changed according to your needs. No matter where in the world you are.


MG Energy Monitor – Update guide

Click on this link to download the update guide.

More information

More information about the MG Energy Monitor can be found on the product page.

For prices and availability, navigate to the Where to buy page or contact the sales department:
phone: +31 58 750 8947

energy monitor side view