And the winner is … MG! We’re honoured with the Gamechangers Innovation Award

‘This is a how a modest Frisian company competes with the biggest players worldwide.’ With these words of praise from the jury we won the Gamechangers Innovation Award. This prestigious prize, formerly known as the Northern Innovation Award, is an encouragement for a ground-breaking entrepreneur in sustainability. During the Trendship event for inspiration and growth we were honoured for our work. ‘It’s impressive to see how a company grows from its own solid base, with a mentality of one step at a time.’

Not only was the jury impressed by how quickly and agile we innovate, but also how much pleasure we take in developing ingenious and cutting-edge solutions. The launch of our newest and revolutionary product is highly anticipated. ‘This will yield MG an internationally distinctive position in the field of energy transition. The market potential and therefor the ambition of MG Energy Systems is huge. The Frisian company wants to evolve into the biggest battery supplier of Northern Europe in the coming years.’

Congratulation to runner’s up Hydraloop and Mastiline as our strong competitors and many thanks to everyone and anyone who made this possible. As Isaac Newton said: ‘If I see further than others it’s by standing on the shoulders of giants.’

Stay tuned for more news about our revolutionary innovation.

MG is finalist for the Northern Innovation Award

Not only is MG recognized as one of the most innovative companies in The Netherlands, we’re also one of the finalists for the Northern Innovation Award! This is an incentive prize for a ground-breaking entrepreneur from the provinces of Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe. The winner will be announced on October 16th, during a dinner with inspiring speakers and 600 decision makers, as part of the Trendship event for inspiration and growth. We’d like to congratulate the other finalists and look forward to the award ceremony next week!