MG’s energy storage systems at ees Europe 2019

From May 15 until 17 MG Energy Systems will be present at ees Europe in Munich, Europe’s largest and most international exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems. It’s part of The smarter E Europe, the most important innovation hub for international stakeholders invested in the transition towards clean energy. Over 450 providers will showcase their products and solutions for energy storage technologies and energy storage systems, grid infrastructure, and solutions for the integration of renewable energy.

So where do we fit in, or better yet: stand out?

This will be our focus at the exhibition.

Dutch design and marine approved quality

Over the past decade MG has developed a high-end product line of smart and scalable energy storage systems, featuring innovative technologies. With a ten-year history in maritime solutions our robust and mobile solutions comply with the highest quality standards when it comes to safety, performance and reliability.

Scalable and powerful

Due to our smart design and ease of installation our modular solutions are easily scalable from 7.5 kWh to several MWh. Our range of products can be set up to meet a wide variety of demands, be it a compact high power system or a robust high energy installation. To allow for even higher reliability our redundant battery configurations go up to 1 MWh.

New E-Rack energy storage system

The new E-Rack system is a modular energy storage system based on the HE Series. Each E-Rack can hold two HE 300 Ah battery modules. The stackable design gives flexibility and scalability. The racks can be mounted on top of each other up to 4 high to create 60 kWh of energy storage. Connecting multiple racks in parallel will extend energy storage capacity and add redundancy to the system.
The E-Rack system can be used for solar energy storage applications, peak-shaving, backup systems and mobile energy supply. The system is scalable from small residential systems up to large industrial peak shaving systems of several MWh.

Mobile or connected to the grid

Our systems can either operate as stand-alone entities or be plugged into the grid as needed. Due to the compact and robust design our products are suitable for mobile applications, such as vessels, cars and trucks. In situations where users become producers they can be setup as a microgrid at home or at work, to avoid peak demand charges and guarantee reliable power, even in the event of a disruption. On a larger scale our industrial heavy-duty installations offer key advantages of being more resilient and more responsive to critical loads, while serving as an independent back-up systems for uninterrupted service.

Remote monitoring and control

We developed a web platform to monitor and control MG battery systems in the field. The highly customizable layout gives freedom to setup dashboard pages displaying all relevant data. Which, in turn, can be used to remotely control our battery systems all over the world. Our MG Energy Portal is an additional free-to-use web interface.

Opening hours

  • Wednesday 15 May 9:00 – 18:00
  • Thursday 16 May 9:00 – 18:00
  • Friday 17 May 9:00 – 17:00


Messe München
81823 Munich, Germany
You will find us in booth #C2.470