MG celebrates ten year anniversary and an inspiring documentary

It all started with one solar challenge and one solar boat. Fresh out of college Mark Scholten and Gerard van der Schaar decided to see how far they would come – only to discover how much further there was still to go. They quickly found out it’s hard to make the transition to green energy without a decent battery. So today, ten years ago, they founded MG.

And what a ride it has been! ‘We saw an opportunity,’ says Gerard van der Schaar, ‘and it’s great to see our goal is coming within reach. Since we started battery prices have dropped by a factor of ten. Back then we built one of the world’s first solar boats, now every super yacht is manufactured with a hybrid system. There’s still much room for improvement, think of where we could be in another ten years!’

It wasn’t always easy though. ‘We’ve have had our lessons in trial and error,’ says Mark Scholten, ‘both personally and professionally. But we’ve always kept our focus on the bigger picture. By concentrating on technological development we’ve been able to design a line of high end products that serve our clients well. Exciting times are ahead, so we’re already thinking about our next steps.’

After a decade of innovation and perseverance, and on the brink of the new year, we’re taking a moment to look back before pushing forward. A few weeks ago MG was featured in a documentary about the joint efforts of our entire province toward renewable energy, setting multiple world records in fossil free transportation on land, waters and sea. From the canals of our hometown all the way to the Monaco shore.

In the past ten years we’ve come a long way with MG and we’ll keep on trying to contribute to a greener world in any way we can, hopefully for many more decades to come. Because we believe together we can change the course for generations. One solar boat, one vehicle, one air craft at a time. ‘But we couldn’t have done it alone,’ Gerard and Mark emphasise, ‘we’re part of a team, a network, a collective of people, all working towards the same cause.’

Therefor we’d like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported us along the way. Our family and friends who helped us start when all was just a dream. Our clients and relations who granted us their opportunities and trusted us with their orders. Our fellow entrepreneurs who guided us with invaluable advice. Our partners, especially Victron Energy, who’s been instrumental in the past, present and future.

And last, but certainly not least, our cherished team of fourteen men ánd women, who power this company, come sunshine or rain, far above and beyond the call of duty. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something and together we can make the transition to a sustainable society. Sometimes all it takes is one person, one capital, one province to make a difference. In the end there’s only one world.

We wish you a happy, prosperous and sustainable new year! May the sun be with you :).

You can watch the documentary online (subtitles are only in Dutch).