First hybrid yacht to cross the ocean relying on MG’s batteries

Solarwave 62 is the first hybrid yacht with electric propulsion to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The mighty cruiser built by Silent Yachts drove all the way from Spain to Miami, mainly powered by the sun. When necessary a generator gave support. Due to MG’s energy system it’s nearly self-sufficient, silent and emission-free, offering a whole new scale in reliability and luxury.

Last year MG Energy Systems established a partnership with Silent Yachts provide all energy systems to all their new yachts. ‘There are various types of lithium-batteries on the market. The brand we are using is they are best regarding liability, safety, performance, weight and life-span,’ Silent Yachts states. The Solarwave 62 is the first solar yacht equipped with MG’s lithium-ion batteries.

Lightweight superpower

The energy system provides a grand capacity of of 160 kWh and consists of 2 lithium-ion battery banks, weighing less than 1000 kg. With a system voltage of 48 V it powers four 22 kW electric motors used for propulsion, two 15 kW bow thrusters and 3 phase 230VAC hotel supply with three 10 kVA Quattro’s. It’s charged by solar panels and a 20 kW DC generator.

Redundant set-up

Because it’s paramount the system needs to be redundant, the battery banks are set up in parallel. Even if one battery bank should fail, it still provides energy to the complete propulsion system, although in this situation the power will be limited. This redundancy is realized by using only the functions of the Master LV’s and some additional I/O’s and programmable relays.

Autonomous running

Clever configuration enables autonomous running of charging/discharging and controls processes. Limits are set in case one battery bank should fail and/or is overloaded by discharge. The generator will automatically start when the battery bank is below 30% State-Of- Charge or when the current drawn from the battery is too high for a certain amount of time.

All status information from the battery banks is visible on Victron’s Color Control GX.

Components used

Supply & Installation

This system is supplied and installed by our partner Silent Yachts.

The big three! Or rather: the small

Our Lithium-Ion High Energy battery modules are well known for their low volume, low weight and high power.

After successfully launching the strongest and the smallest we’re proud to announce a third in between.

So whatever the size of your space, you’ll always find a perfect fit and save a maximum of energy.

Check all technical specifications, download our brochures and datasheets or contact us with any questions. We’re happy to help!

Technical specifications

  • Specifications
  • Nominal capacity
  • Nominal energy
  • Weight
  • Dimensions (lxwxh)
  • small
  • 100 Ah
  • 2,5 kWh
  • 15,7 kg
  • 362 x 193 x 214 mm
  • medium
  • 150 Ah
  • 3,75 kWh
  • 22,4 kg
  • 362 x 193 x 284 mm
  • large
  • 200 Ah
  • 5,0 kWh
  • 28,6 kg
  • 362 x 193 x 355 mm
Check all technical specifications, or download our brochures and datasheets.

Example setup

Our documentation provide detailed instructions for installation.

Example project

ICE Cat 61, the largest and most technological catamaran ever built in Italy, is equipped with these HE batteries. It’s a product of craft workmanship, from the design to the materials and the use of cutting-edge technologies. Including its energy system.

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