Sanlorenzo superyacht SX88 / runs sustainably on MG’s batteries

A shipyard must have courage to make a product like this. We wanted to invent a product for people who love boating, who love to be close to the sea — it is a little revolution.

Project / story

Their challenge

SX88 is a revolutionary new superyacht by Sanlorenzo, characterised as a crossover between a compact explorer and a flybridge yacht. It’s innovative in its technical and environmental solutions, in its exterior and interior design. This “superyacht that feels like an open loft” features wide open spaces and large glass windows, assuring passengers feel one with the surroundings, the light and the sea.

Highest attention was paid to environment sustainability, both in the use of low impact materials as well as the low impact procedures used in its construction process. Moreover, the superyacht is equipped with an MG energy system that meets the highest maritime standards. Normally a generator is used to provide energy, emitting noise and exhaust gases as unpleasant by-products. But in this case, ‘quiet power’ is supplied during the night and stored in 16 MG Lithium-Ion HE Battery Modules (24 V / 200 Ah), allowing the generator to run for shorter periods of time, in a more efficient range and therefor with less maintenance. During the day the superyacht can top out at 23 knots without any compromise, any noise or any exhaust fumes.

Thanks to the combination of MG’s high power lithium batteries with new lighting technologies, low consumption systems and efficient thermal insulation, SX88 can use all the services on board for four to eight hours with zero emissions. Whichever way you look at it, even from an environmental viewpoint Sanlorenzo’s SX88 is a sustainable crossover, between its inside and its surroundings.

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Supply & Installation

This system is supplied and installed by our dealer Asea Nautica.

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