MG powers sustainable party & meeting venue Pollepleats

For years event venue Pollepleats has relied on 180 solar panels to harvest energy for its parties and meetings. But when the farm was recently expanded with wellness facilities, the network connection was no longer sufficient to support the increased demand and supply. However, due to its remote location an upgrade would have been a rather costly option.

Instead Pollepleats chose to focus on the future and rely on it’s own power supply. As most events take place in the evenings, it makes sense to collect solar energy during the day and store any excess for when it’s needed later on. MG’s solutions are perfectly suited for just that job.

A total of 80 MG Lithium-Ion HE Battery Modules were installed in cooperation with DRS Installatietechniek, yielding a capacity of a whopping 0,4 MWh. This state-of-the-art system makes the Pollepleats nearly 100% energy neutral and an early adopter in the full transition towards a sustainable future. Ready to party on renewable power.

The system

The power to and from the grid will be measured via an external device connected to the battery system. A limit has been configured for the maximum power to be demanded or supplied. The arrangement in the system ensures that the maximum will never be exceeded. Instead, the remaining power will be used to either charge or discharge the batteries.

Components used:

Remote monitoring

The system is monitored remotely by Victron Energy’s Color Control, sending battery data to their VRM portal where history as well as live values can be viewed.