Electric- and solar plane / uses MG technology

We do not have to wait for new technologies, we need only to integrate current components in a optimized system. With the Elektra One and the existing technology it is possible to fly electric without CO2-emission and without noise for over three hours. In addition, in comparison to a classic aircraft, the operating costs are much lower.

Project / story

Their challenge

Elektra One Solar is a electric- and solar aircraft, with zero CO2 emission, no noise and low operating costs. This a modern single-seat ultralight electric aircraft is able to fly for over three hours with 2.5 kW power (when horizontal). Half of this is harvested from the solar cells covering its 11 meter wing span, the rest is stored in its lithium-ion batteries. MG’s MPPT charge controller is used to harvest maximum energy from its solar panels and transform it for storage in its energy system. By using this technology, it’s the first electric- and solar aircraft to fly over the Alps.

Our solution