MG’s smart solution / for automated storage

Because iCUBE doesn’t use forklifts to transport pallets, it utilizes less energy, less cooling and less oxygen. Employees no longer need to work in low temperatures, thus providing better working conditions and lower labor costs.

Project / story

Their challenge

Logiqs’s iCUBE is an intelligent solution for automated handling and storage of goods in warehouses. It makes optimal use of all available space by transporting pallets on 3D-carriers and VT lifts, without the need of forklifts and -lanes. MG provided the iCUBE with an equally intelligent battery solution, featuring MOD-Bus communication between the battery and the PLC controlling the carrier. This way the iCUBE can automatically detect a low battery and charge it at the nearest station. Since iCUBE is mainly utilized in cold storage, the operation of the carrier, and thus MG’s battery system, is cleverly designed to operate in ambient temperature of -20 ° C.

Project / specs

Nominal voltage

24 Vdc


1,5 kWh and 3,1 kWh


MOD-Bus communication with PLC